Wacky Watermelon – Video Post


This week’s video barely made it. First I didn’t have an idea, then we had some problems recording. THEN we had some problems uploading (notice I reverted to you tube as my other player is on the blitz.)

Anyway, this is just a quick idea on cutting watermelon with your little one. As always, I’m winging it. I mess up, need to parent and overall have no idea what I’m doing. But it was fun! Stay tuned until the end, I actually included an outtake! ;~P

Looking for Watermelon ideas?

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  1. Kristine

    Hi! Cute video and just wanted to say that from what I’ve heard, it is excess watering close to the time of picking that causes hollow centers in watermelon. Someimes it can also reduce the sugar content and make them not as sweet.

  2. Kristine

    Oh yeah, and it can also be from frost and low temperatures so since it’s kinda early in the season, that could have caused it, too.

  3. roni

    Thanks for the info!

    This one was still good and sweet but that makes sense. I’m glad you commented, I couldn’t find anything about it online!

  4. MizFit


    I need to come up with a different remark yet from beginning to end that’s all I think.


    (you are *such* a patient mama)

  5. Dani

    I know I must sound like a broken record by now, but you are both too cute. I don’t know Roni…watching these videos is giving me baby fever;)!!

  6. Dana

    Too cute. I think the best thing about watching the videos is that it looks to me like the toddler is getting away with stuff behind your back (so to speak) while you keep talking away to the camera (watermelon dropping on the floor, picking at it with his fingers, etc). Too funny!

    Our family has always cut watermelon in half and then cut down in the half watermelon (but not through the rind) to make a checkerboard pattern. Then pulled each little square out. I’ll give your method a try next time. Here in Illinois we are probably a little ways away from having good melons.

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