He Likes Bagels! Who Knew?



What Came Home?


Out of the blue The 7 Year-Old asked if I would buy him bagels. He said he eats them at school and “really likes them.”

I was hoping to get some almond butter in on this new vessel but he fought for cream cheese.

To my dismay he’s not a big nut butter fan. :(

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  1. Lu Hamlin

    I love your blog even though I have no children. I think what you make for your kids daily is just great. If your son likes sunflower seeds, try that butter. If you can’t find it already ground, it’s easy to put it in the blender and whir it to butter consistency. If you do that, just add a tiny bit of ail to loosen it up.

    I notice you always provide water for your son. Why not milk or juice? Just curious.

    1. roni

      I just tried sunflower seed butter and although I LOVE it, he did not. :(

      As for the juice and milk. I run a juice free house. It’s only water and milk in home (except the husband soda which me and the kids make fun of him for.) When the kids are at friends house or a restaurant their treat is juice. It’s just my strategy on controlling the amount of the sugar he takes in with beverages. I’m not a juice fan, I’d rather my kids eat their fruit. He now asks for water when thirsty as I think most human being should. Just my opinion of course. :)

  2. Lola

    I’ve wanted to pack a yogurt for my son too….but I worried about no refrigeration. Just curious, do you have a ice pack in there or is it ok because its really not refrigerated for that long? (by the way, something I used to always pack 3 pieces of turkey bacon for my daughter and string cheese. She loved this lunch. I thought I’d share an idea back.)

  3. Mandy

    I too, am a firm believer as human beings we should drink water. All of these juices and soda’s have too much sugar in them. It’s only water in my house

  4. johanna

    fun to see your posts. and wow pretty cool about the juice as a treat idea and only milk and water. I just love your ideas. I don’t think I will ever see the day me and my kids make fun of daddy for drinking soda. What a sweet family memory

  5. Jennifer

    You have a wonderful blog. I find your posts caring and informative. I gave birth a couple months ago and while I am exclusively breastfeeding at the moment, I know the time will soon come for me to pack healthy snacks for my little one. Kids can be particular so it’s nice of you to make sure your child is always eating healthy treats. Keep up the good work.

  6. Sarah

    I don’t allow sugary juice in my house either! But I do use a juicer to make my own fruit/vegetable juice for my family. Although, some of the recipes I make everyone prefers water anyway! Haha.

  7. Amy

    Do you realize that most of that meal was sugar? The bagel is basically carbs that convert to sugar, the mango is sugar, the green beans are basically nothing, and while the yogurt has some protein, the cultures aren’t live, so therefore worthless. Basically, the yogurt is sugar or artificial sweeteners. I give you credit for not feeding your child pizza and burgers like most parents, though.

  8. Rowena

    Totally agree about drinking water. On a hot day it’s the most refreshing thing anyway. Someone mentioned milk, I’m careful about giving the kids too much milk, there is this theory that our bodies haven’t yet adapted to dairy products.

  9. Jerry

    Water all the way…..& all goes back to what you give your children initially. My nephew generally only drinks water & cries when you offer him what you think he might like e.g. Fruit Shoot etc
    Amy is a tad harsh, I don’t think that is a bad lunch….I have seen a LOT worse! & most things turn to sugar…so that is no reason not to give your kids fruit!

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