The Kid Who Won’t Eat Fruit

Baby Food: Waffles banana egg yolks

That’s right FRUIT! It’s so frustrating! I mean, who doesn’t like fruit? it’s nature’s candy for Pete’s sake! It’s sweet. It’s soft (or at least can be.) It’s colorful. It’s amazing!

Little Bean is not impressed. Any fruit given to him besides banana gets poked at, squished or thrown. The kid will attempt to put anything in his mouth. I mean ANYTHING: screws, bottle caps, wooden spoons, paper, tissues, but put a strawberry in front of him and he looks at you like you have 3 heads. He then proceeds to poke and squish it around his tray before crying for something else.


Or in this case, a grape…

Baby Food: Waffles banana egg yolks 01

He does the same with melon, oranges, blueberries, peaches, pears, apples, papaya, and pineapple. I’ve tried it all and will continue to do so because babies are FICKLE and he will see the err of his ways. He did the same thing with banana, egg, and avocado all of which he now eats daily and happily I might say.

So I thought I’d share a new adventure. This is my fruit therapy so to speak. Every day I give him a chance to try a new (or old) fruit. If he eats it (which has happen ONCE in 2 months) I do a happy dance. If he doesn’t, well, let’s just say Mommy will win in the end.

I find putting it on a fork makes him a bit more curious and willing to stick it in his mouth.

Baby Food: Waffles banana egg yolks 01


Baby Food: Waffles banana egg yolks 03

Umm yea.. it didn’t stay there long.

Baby Food: Waffles banana egg yolks 01

Ok, then, I had an egg ready so I gave him that. (click here too see one of our first egg adventures. He now eats 2 egg omelettes regularly.)

Baby Food: Waffles banana egg yolks 04

Back to the grapes.

Baby Food: Waffles banana egg yolks 04

While he was eating the egg pieces I took a handful of grapes and put them in my bullet.

Baby Food: Waffles banana egg yolks 07

Look at that color!

The grapes alone are too watery to serve on a spoon so I add a bit of baby oatmeal as a quick thickener.

Baby Food: Waffles banana egg yolks 09


Baby Food: Waffles banana egg yolks 09

It was good, I tried it and when he saw me take a bite he got excited.

Baby Food: Waffles banana egg yolks 10

Really excited.

Will he like it?

Baby Food: Waffles banana egg yolks 11

YUP! But like a dope, I forgot to take a picture of the empty cup. :(

This face, however, doesn’t lie.

Baby Food: Waffles banana egg yolks 11

Although it does look quite mischievous.

This not eating fruit thing must be a texture issue because it’s not taste. He will eat ANY fruit pureed. Any. Sometimes I mix them with full fat yogurt, sometimes oatmeal, sometimes solo or combined with other fruits and veggies (like spinach.)

I find this quite hysterical as his brother was (and is) the complete opposite. I don’t think he ever met a fruit he didn’t like. Ever.

This is Big Brother when he was almost 3 devouring fruit after a “fruit picnic” video we did.

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16 Comments and 1 Replies

  1. Cassie

    I agree, it’s a texture thing. I have a 5 year old who doesn’t eat a single fruit! She has tried everything at least once. We made a sticker chart when she was 3. And now she chooses a new fruit to try each week. She will now try without a fight, but doesn’t like a single. one. So frustating! If you come up with any other ideas, please post!! Good luck!

  2. Krista S.

    Haha!! He is so stinkin’ adorable. I have two boys as well and they are complete opposites when it comes to eating habits and well…pretty much everything. They look alike (just like your guys do), but they have very distinct and different tastes and personalities.

  3. HeyBeckyJ

    Have you tried serving the fruit a different temperatures? Maybe slightly frozen grapes (quartered before freezing) or microwaved apple or peach cubes?

  4. Debbie

    one of the first fruits my son ate as a finger food was softened diced apples simmered in water with cinnamon. they are a little mushy and messy but he loved them :)

  5. Lori

    I”m so glad to read this because my toddler HATES fruit – with the exception of bananas…but your post had me thinking he ate & loved fruit when it was pureed as a baby. I may just have to start doing that again to get his taste back up.

  6. Colleen Boehm

    It could have something to do with the skin. I have a 3 1/2 year old who likes fruit but he goes thru varying stages of not liking the skin of grapes, apples and pears. He seems to have just gotten over grapes and pears but apples are almost always pushed away until the skin is removed. Now I can remove a SPOT of skin and he will eat it so now I think it is all in his head! But when he was 2 he could put an apple slice in his mouth, chew it, and spit out the whole skin almost unscathed. Weird. But try taking skin off and see what happens! Or, make smoothies everyday like I do! Thank God for the bullet! Now, if I could get my kid to eat anything green… :)

  7. JayBee

    I have to say your little one isn’t the only one who doesn’t care for fruit. I have to force myself to eat fruit. Then only time that I actually craved the stuff was when I was pregnant.
    I prefer a bowl of peas over almost any kind of fruit.
    Except oranges and I’m allergic to oranges.

  8. Teddi

    My son does not like fruits or veggies because of texture. I have found that he likes grainy foods and breaded foods, so to get him to eat fruit I dip it in bread crumbs. Call me crazy, but it works for us!

  9. Gavin heinz

    I’m a 8 year old and I don’t like fruit but something happens when I was 4 now I don’t like the smell so what’s the matter with me?!!):

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