BOO The Ghost Didn’t Work. :(

School Lunch Ideas

  • PB&J on a Whole Wheat cut out with the Ghost cookie cutter (note: I cut the bread before making so I can save the leftovers for breadcrumbs)
  • Double Chocolate Banana Cup (We started added a little cocoa powder)
  • Grapes
  • Orange Pepper Slices
  • Water

What Came Home?

School Lunch Ideas

The kid’s been trying to tell me he doesn’t like Peanut Butter since he was 3. That simply does not compute with me. HOW is he my son?!? Seriously.

Side Note: I’m having TOO much fun with this cookie cutter. It’s such a simple fun thing to do for the holiday.

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  1. patty

    I love how he ate the raisin eyes/mouth! Has he tried apple butter? My son loves a PB&Apple Butter sandwich. Maybe having something other than jelly would change the flavor? Or you could always try my mom’s cream cheese and jelly.

  2. Laura

    I think you just have to accept that he doesn’t like peanut butter. LOL He ate the 3 raisins and not the sandwich. Hilarious. I think Donna’s idea is a good one. Does he like hummus? Hummus with a slice of turkey is really yummy.

  3. Laura

    Thanks. I meant to say that you should use the hummus as a spread on the sandwich with the turkey. A turkey and hummus sandwich is one of my standbys.

  4. Paula

    I made your banana oatmeal cups minus the chocolate chips. I subbed in egg replacer for eggs and used non sweetened Almond Breeze & took your advice and added less than a 1/4 cup sugar and they were FANTASTIC!!! I might need to try this using cocoa.

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