Roasted Butternut Squash Yumminess for Baby

As you may know, I’m sharing adventures in baby food making over on Baby’s First Year. So far I’ve done, sweet potato, peas, mango, and now one of my favorite things in the world, butternut squash.

Since roasted butternut squash is definitely NOT “Baby Food” but pure yumminess, I thought I’d share this one with you. Click here for a photo step-by-step on how I roasted it for my baby. Oh! and see how he reacted as well…

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  1. Julie

    Hi Roni,

    My name is Julie, and I’ve been wanting to say thank you for such healthy and yummy cooking ideas on this site! So far, I have tried many of your breakfast and sandwich recipes, and all turned out amazingly delicious! Even when I tweak them a bit for preference, the results are always fabulous :)

    I’m actually an international student who have been living in the states for nearly 8 years by myself – away from family and home, which would be Korea for me. After 7 years of living in dormitories since the beginning of my high school years, I had become absolutely sick of unhealthy, boring food options I was limited to. Now, living in a student housing apartment with a lovely kitchen, I make my own meals and I had been getting numerous tips from your site. Your ideas truly inspire me..!

    In regards to this specific post, I am so in love with this particular picture of your baby! What a cuite :) And I love love roasted butternut squash, too! Do you ever use kabocha squash? They’re so good when roasted, too (and very filling)!


  2. roni

    Hi Julie! I never heard of Kabocha squash! Although when I looked up a picture it looks familiar. They normally are just lumped in with “winter squash”

  3. Julie

    Really? Koreans eat and use kabocha squash almost as often as they would use potatoes and sweet potatoes. I think it’s probably the most popular winter squash in Asian countries. They have a similar taste to acorn squash, I feel like. When making curry at home, I replace the potato in the recipe with kabocha squash and it adds so much flavor to the curry..I love it! Perhaps you should try some :)

  4. Eileen

    I just totally fell in love with butternut squash. I think my parents grated the outside, then cut it up boiled it like a potato, added some maple syrup and butter and mashed it. It…was…insannnnnely…yummy!! I really really REALLLLLY liked it. My mother in law took the left overs, heated them up and added a teeny bit of cinnamon. Have I mentioned how amazing this was? I’ve had squash like 5 times in my life, and this is the first time I’ve liked it so I’m still in shock.

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