Fruit Salad! The Video.

This may be our most fun video yet and I don’t mean fun to watch. I mean fun to record! You may get bored of the toddler and I (the video runs about 20 minutes) but we were having a blast! I hope to give you some ideas on a fun way to involve your kids in the kitchen. The little guy and I have been doing this for years and as I say in the video, I think it has helped him not to fear trying new things while giving him a sense of ownership with the food.

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  1. Krista S.

    Seriously, THE CUTEST Ryan video EVER. When he would put his hand on your shoulder, I would just melt! And the “lettuce balls”….omg….I royally cracked up at that. Awesome video.

  2. Reinaldo

    “But Mommy, we ARE those people” LMAO I pictured in my mind: teenager Ryan presenting his first girlfriend at home, then you AKA embarrasing mom will start to tell the girlfriend about some toddler-foodie-healthy videos on the inter… teenager Ryan desperately change the subject!!! LOL

  3. Sheri

    Seems I saw the video before your post, and wanted to ask how the salad can keep for a week. I always thought that once fruit wss cut it could only keep a couple of days? Oh, and where are those GreenLiteBites bowls? Do you sell them?

  4. roni

    Yeah.. it takes me some time to get the video here after I upload it.

    The salad doesn’t really last a week as we usually finish it with in 3 days. :) But yea.. it’s starts to get funky around then.

    As for the bowls, I don’t sell them but I ordered for the conference ( I have a few leftover I may giveaway. Just haven’t had time.

  5. Maria

    What a terrific video! You said you missed doing them – I have missed watching them!! So cute and the “lettuce balls” was hysterical!!!! Keep doing the videos when you can – I love them!

  6. Becky

    so cute, How old is Ryan now? My son’s only 7mnths old and i can’t wait until he’s old enough to interact with like your son is, great job mom!

    p.s. love, love fruit salad!

  7. Kelly

    carrots are really hard to grow in garden that is ground level among MANY other types of veggies (bunnies are so cute but such a pain and ruin your hard work). We have a 2 foot raised bed (a good weathering type of wood for the bed) and we have 4 stakes in the corners and there is another 2 feet of chicken wire. So you can see and water your garden but keep out the big pests.
    We use just normal twisty ties or cable ties on one of the wide sides of the garden and make a sort of door so we can regularly get to the veggies that are ready (in our garden the beans, peppers, and any other high growing things are in the back of the bed and the short stuff is in the front so you only need to get the the short stuff, the high stuff you can pick over the chicken wire.)

  8. Barbara

    I like watching you when you were answering questions.
    I thought you did very well when it came to the question on points.
    I do it the same way. If I am making a meal (add up all and then divide per serving)
    If I am making it for me then its points.
    Thank you for keeping me going.

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