Super Quick Fried Rice and the 10 minute Dinner!

I’m not kidding.. walked in the door from work, put on the camera(s) and 10 minutes later I was sitting down with the family for dinner!

The video is a bit funky as I put my new camera to the test. I’m thinking about switching so you’ll have to let me know what you think.

No time to do nutritional information tonight, I’ll post a complete recipe for the rice in a future post with pictures and all. Until then I hope this gives you some ideas.

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  1. shandy (aka @webgals)

    I like the old camera better…but it’s nice to have those other for cutaways. :) The new camera is really orangey.

    That meal looks awesome! I use that rice all the time. Usually with just a touch of Parmesan to add some extra flavor.

  2. Michele

    Great video but I agree the new camera is way too orangey.

    Thanks for the idea! I almost bought this rice the other day but didn’t. I’ll pick it up next time.

  3. BigTickles

    The contrast (?) on the new camera is way off Roni… like others said… too orangey.

    But love the meal idea. It is definitely something I could do

  4. roni

    I KNOW right? It looked orange to me too but it’s WAY clearer. I have to check the settings. I think it’s making it worse that we are comparing it. When I see the footage alone it looked good, crisp AND I can edit HD if I upgrade my software.

    I may make the switch if I can get that orange under control! :)

  5. shandy (aka @webgals)

    It is much clearer on the new camera. Maybe we can just adjust to the orange. :) If we aren’t comparing it’ll be fine. We just like the content. (Or at least I do.) I’m not going to care if it’s delivered in an orangey way. :)

  6. Andrea

    I definitely like the clearness of the new camera, without the orange if you can, but the sound was way better on the old one. Maybe it was just closer.

    Love the idea for this recipe! So versatile and simple. It was just today that I was thinking about using Bulgur to make fried rice because I overcooked it for a different recipe. It dried out a little and tasted exactly like the rice side of fried rice. Can’t wait to try it both ways now!!

    Any idea if this freezes very well, if I make a big batch with fresh veggies?

  7. Jenn

    Another great idea. I love that you make healthy cooking feel more accesible. I’ve made more of your recipe’s then any cookbook I’ve bought. And I’m totally going to try fresh ginger now. It was intimidating before, but now I see you just grade it. So easy

  8. Jennifer

    I guess a silly question, but do you peel the ginger before you freeze it? Fabulous idea, though!
    I agree with above, I’ve used more of your recipes than most any cookbook except Betty Crocker which I must use if I want some of my recipes to taste like my Mom’s ie stuffing.
    I’m excited to try this.

  9. roni

    totally NOT silly. I should have mentioned it. I do peel it but one time I was in a rush and I didn’t. So I ended up just grating the ginger peal and all. Didn’t even notice. :)

    So I guess you can say both ways work! :)

  10. Anne

    Awesome idea about freezing the ginger — I also love your flat hamburger storage (and breast milk) from the archives. Makes so much sense! Any other cool ideas? What else do you freeze? Thanks so much!
    :) Anne

  11. roni

    Anne – I freeze EVERYTHING! seriously. All my leftovers go into little tuperwares and I freeze in single serves for my lunches. I also freeze my flax seeds so I don’t have to worry about them going rancid and sometimes I even freeze flours. I’m a freezer-o-holic. :)

  12. Kelly

    Ha ha! You have a tan in your new camera! Fake bake ahoy.
    I agree the sound and picture color are better on your old camera.
    “90 minute brown rice instant things” LOL.
    I have all these ingredients so I think I will make this, except I have to cook my rice in the rice cooker so I’m not sure if there will be a difference in texture

  13. Alex

    Ginger tip: buy the fresh stuff and use a spoon to peel it! A chef friend of mine showed me that using a spoon (convex side facing you) is the easiest way to peel it. Works SO well and you don’t cut off as much of the “meat” this way.

    I like making “fried rice” too! I <3 take out chinese, so I wanted to find a healthy (and cheaper) alternative. I saw your quinoa boats and somehow that evolved into fried rice at some point. I had never used/heard of quinoa before I saw the zucchini-quinoa boats. I throw the quinoa in a rice cooker (2:1 water ratio just like rice) then toss it in a wok with tons of veggies and La Choy Ginger Garlic Stir-Fry and Marinade (link to The sauce is really low cal (30 cal/tbsp) and the sodium content isn’t thattt bad, especially considering that a little bit of the sauce goes a long way flavor-wise. Generally I make a big batch and eat it throughout the week. It makes *awesome* leftovers- even my dad loved it (and he generally doesn’t eat foods he’s never heard of i.e. quinoa).

    Also, I used to work at a make-your-own-stir-fry place (like Big Bowl) and I learned that when people put soy sauce in their dishes before the dish was cooked, it dried everything out. That may not be the case as much with low-sodium soy sauce, but I think the flavor is still better if you add it right at the end of cooking time.

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