Makin’ Oatmeal Cups

It’s been awhile since we did a breakfast video so I figured, why not? This morning we made a half a batch of Banana Oatmeal Cups with Chocolate Chips using a few substitutes to compensate for my lack of ingredients.

The toddler has been replaced by “Dog” who was very helpful making these “muffins”. As I say in the video, these are more like portable oatmeal cups then muffins. Either way this is a great recipe to make with kids. It’s fun, fast (to put together) and not that easy to screw up! :)

The two oatmeal cup recipes I have posted are the Banana Oatmeal Cups with Chocolate Chips and Berry Oatmeal Cups. Please feel free to add your other ideas or recipe edits in the comments! This one super versatile!

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  1. Krista S.

    Awww…that was the absolute CUTEST video with “Dog”. He is growing up to be such a lovely little dude!! Pretty much melted my heart when he reached for your shoulder and touched your necklace. Anyway, the oatmeal cups sound great and I’ll be giving them a try really soon. Thanks for making my morning. =)

  2. Nicole P

    So I tried the oatmeal banana cups original recipe but used peanut butter chips and very vanilla soy milk…verdict in from myself and the husband is that they are great- he loves them and he is a big guy and it takes 4 to fill him up but he goes sometimes without lunch so thats ok. I am anxious to try them this way with the chocolate soy milk b/c I actually contemplated doing it this way when I saw the chocolate milk in the store but thought against it. Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought about it! Thanks for your wonderful recipes- they are all good (at least the ones I have tried!!)

  3. Tyra

    I have these in the oven as we speak… they smell DELISH!! I used unsweetened Almond Breeze and added 2 Tbsps of Lite Chocolate Syurp to compensate for the sweetness, not to mention a little extra chocolate boost! I am going by the original recipe so I dropped the chips to 2 Tbsps to keep them at 2 points per muffin. (making 12) Also, I added a little allspice and I am in hopes that doesn’t turn out to be a mistake…
    We’ll see… As always, thanks Roni and “Dog!”

  4. Tyra

    These are r e a l l y good!!
    Just like you said, not really a muffin but more like oatmeal on the go. I really like that idea because I don’t like to eat my breakfast first thing before I go to work. I am always looking for something that will work well on the go and these will work perfectly!! These will probably be a new staple in my fridge for sure. Thanks again!!!

  5. Marla

    Is there a way to post the ingredients for this? I like to print them up to bring in the kitchen while I cook.

  6. Rebeca

    I love ‘Dog’… “I’m Dog, and this is Ryan’s mom”
    Lol Lol

    You should move to DC for in the interim so Dog can be in my Spanish Summer Camp… he would fit in with the other little characters perfectly!

    I am definitely going to be making these, I was just telling my mom how I was done with Quaker’s Oatmeal to Go because the ingredient list is yucky and needed an alternative!

  7. Emily

    Just gathered all necessary ingredients for these. So excited to try them with my 3 year old daughter!!

    PS. Just thought I’d give you props for your mommy skills. Your little ‘dog’ was adorable with all of his input and enthusiasm…and you just went with it. I know behind the scenes we all have our less-proud moments as mothers, but motherhood seems to come naturally for you! Thanks for the recipe and for reminding me of how fun it is to bake with our little ones!

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