Makin’ Peppered Pork with Peppers

The toddler (crazy as usual) and I make dinner from start to finish. As I say in the video I really wanted to show you how fast this meal can come together. The video is 22 minutes, but I’m telling ya, if I didn’t have a toddler to entertain, discipline and talk to, it would take me 10. I swear!

Click here for the original Peppered Pork with Peppers recipe with pictures of the dish and nutritional information.

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  1. Aime

    This was another great recipe and you’re right, so quick and easy to make. My husband loved it and snuck the left overs to work for his lunch! I was actually craving it the next day, but there was nothing left…so disappointed. I will make it again soon. Thank you Roni.

  2. Krista S.

    The recipe sounds delicious! And I am totally loving your outfit! I like the sleeves on your top and the pockets on your jeans. Cute!

  3. Lesley

    This was a hit with my family. My four year old even ate the peppers (he usually taste one, spits it out and picks the rest off). My husband liked as well, and his only request was to try adding pineapple next time. Thanks for another great recipe.

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