Roasted Tomatoes w/ Couscous & Pumpkin Seed Kernels

I whipped this up on my way out the door this morning. I wanted something quick, easy, and filling that would use the over ripening cherry tomatoes I was going to have to throw away.

My mission was a success. I’m STILL satisfied and I ate this over 4 hours ago! I’m shocked! roasted tomatoes w/ couscous & pumpkin seed kernels

Roast the tomatoes using the Simply Roasted Cherry Tomatoes recipe.

While the tomatoes are cooking, bring the water to a boil in a small pot. Sprinkle a pinch of onion powder, garlic powder and dried basil. Once the water is boiling, add the couscous, stir, cover and remove from heat. Leave alone until tomatoes are done.

Once tomatoes are roasted to your liking, toss them with the cooked couscous and pumpkin seed kernels. Top with a bit of dried parsley and enjoy!

Approx Nutritional Information per serving
Servings Amt per Serving
1 Entire Recipe
Calories Fat Fiber WWPs
295 13g 6g old: 6 new: 7
Sugar Sat Fat Carbs Protein
6g 3g 30g 12g
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  1. Laura

    I make something a bit similar to this all the time and it’s delicious! I roast diced vegetables (usually pumpkin, bell pepper, zucchini, sweet potato and tomato) in the oven, then just mix them with wholemeal couscous and 1/2 cup chick peas, drizzled with balsamic vinegar and a good squeeze of lemon juice, salt and pepper. Highly recommend! :)

  2. Ashley

    This is another great recipe. I made this last night and my husband and me loved it. Plus, it’s soooo.. easy. With alot of flavor.

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