Using Leftovers: Warm Cabbage Taco Salad
Warm Cabbage Taco Salad - Done!

I’ve mentioned this idea, or a variation of it, in my Kale, Turkey and Black Bean Taco Filling post but it’s so good I had write about it again.

Warm Cabbage Taco SaladThe idea is simple: Repurpose leftover taco meat (or any ground meat really) to make a warm, filling salad the next day.

I’m not sure what it is but the combination of ground meat and cabbage is a winner. It’s hearty yet light. If you are vegetarian, I’m sure soy crumbles would be very similar. Just add a little salsa for some extra flavor!

Here’s what I did for today’s lunch…

  • 1/4 head of green cabbage, shredded (~200g)
  • 4 oz leftover cooked taco meat
  • 10 grape tomatoes, halved
  • 1/2 oz (14g) fancy shredded Mexican cheese blend
  • Fresh or dried cilantro for garnish

Heat a non-stick skillet over medium-high heat.

Layer in the cabbage, meat and tomatoes.

Warm Cabbage Taco Salad - Cooking

Let it cook for a minute before tossing.

Warm Cabbage Taco Salad - Cooking step 2

Toss every minute or two until the cabbage wilts to your desired doneness and the taco meat warms through. I cook mine for 5 minutes max.

Pile on a plate, top with cheese and cilantro.

Warm Cabbage Taco Salad - Done!


Approx Nutritional Information per serving
Servings Amt per Serving
1 Entire Recipe
Calories Fat Fiber WWPs
375 16g 7g old: 8 new: 9
Sugar Sat Fat Carbs Protein
10g 7g 17g 41g
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6 Comments and 2 Replies

  1. Rhiannon

    Two things:

    That looks amazing! I love cabbage and I love mixing it with meat – chow mein with lots of vegetables and cabbage is one of my favourite meals. Thanks for the new idea. It’s also made me think about blending it with another idea I’ve been thinking of: a chicken salad with a creamy, tangy balsamic dressing, which would be amazing in a warm version with cabbage. It’s winter here so warm meals are the go!

    Secondly, you mentioned ricotta gnocchi in your post on ‘just Roni’ a while ago:
    link to
    Are you still planning to post it? I was really looking forward to it as I’m not a bit fan of potatoes and regular gnocchi can be so heavy.

    Thanks for all the ideas and recipes!

    1. roni

      YES! I am!! It may be some times though. It’s a heavy dish (although lighter than potato gnocchi) to make in the summer but boy do I love it! I modified it to be all whole grain too. I’m thinking I’ll get it up in Sept sometimes. I’m sorry for such a delay.

  2. Martha

    That’s my kind of lunch – simple, healthy and satisfying. I too love having leftovers in the fridge to turn into a quick and yummy lunch. This is going on my list of things to make the next time I have leftover ground beef or turkey to use.

  3. Kat Bradshore

    Hi Roni,

    This is a great idea! Last week, my husband’s cousins went here in our house and we had a taco party. After that, there were so many leftovers and I didn’t know what to do with it. I’ve never thought of this kind of recipe. Cabbage and ground meat are a great combination. I would love to try this recipe with or without leftovers. ;-)

  4. Decalo

    This looks really good. The cabbage addition is better than putting the remaining taco mix on a tortilla. I like this, I’m going to post this on my Pinboard for healthy recipes and follow yours too!

  5. Bonnie

    Hi Roni. I really like this idea! I just found your blog and I’m excited to look at your recipes. I also have a healthy food blog. Yea veggies!

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