Don’t Throw Away Your Aging Spinach!

You may or may not have noticed but we’ve been severely slacking in the video department. Life has just been too crazy. Once I’m full time blogging I’ll get my weekly groove back.

Anyway, this week we are sharing a little tip to save your aging produce. Inspired by Heather over on Leading the Weigh, I haven’t wasted a bag of spinach in months! She’s a genius!!

Some of my Spinach Recipe where you could easily use the saved frozen spinach…

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  1. lori

    Have you seen the “banana soft serve” idea?…frozen banana pieces in the food processor – process until “soft serve” consistency!

  2. Krista S.

    I totally remember sending that post to you and I’m so glad you liked it as much as I did! Heather is a total genius! I cannot believe how much spinach I’ve thrown away before learning this trick. And I totally cracked up when you said you over-freeze things. Man, do I know about that….with frozen bananas, actually. Found a few of them in the way back of our freezer when we were moving. Ew!

  3. Dani

    I’m so bad with taking advantage of my freezer! Other than banana, berries, and veggie burgers my freezer is pretty empty!! This is a great tip… and I agree, sometimes t’s the simplest ideas that are the best tips!!

  4. RG

    You know you can make spinach chips just like kale chips? There’s a restaurant in DC that makes a really interesting palaak chat (indian style toppings) out of crispy spinach. Yeah, frozen spinach can go in omelets, chili, taco meat, burger meat, bread, smoothies, rice pilaf…

  5. Mercy

    Roni–I actually prefer to read blogs and not watch videos…don’t worry about slacking :). I just found your sites a few weeks ago. I love it. I’m done having babies, and my desire to lose weight is that 1) I don’t have any other major life events to cause me to gain the weight back so if I lose it, I can just maintain and 2) I want to be healthy and active to enjoy my kids and my life. You are awesome and such an inspiration!

  6. nora

    Thanks for the tips. I’m totally guilty of tossing lanky spinach. Hmmm, spinach on plums – good one, little man! Karate chop!

  7. Barbara

    Can you use the spinach on sandwiches like if it was fresh.

    Also frozen bananas — this is what I do–
    I take one banana and mesh it up really well and then freeze it and eat it like ice cream. YOu could add a little skim milk and stir well. That is also good but I just like the mesh frozen banana.
    thanks for the great tips.

  8. roni

    RG – Didn’t know that although I tried it with swiss chard and that worked. I wonder if there is a leafy green that wouldn’t.

  9. Natalia

    hahaha I love Ryan’s “you don’t want a piece of me, I do tae kwon do!” hahaha

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it….I’m late to the party….as usual. ;)

  10. Coco

    Why have I never thought to do this until I read your post?! I went to the store yesterday to buy some fresh spinach (partially with the intention of freezing half of it right when I got home), and found 3 bags of baby spinach that were about to pass the expiration date for $1.49 a pop. I came home with those 3 and a huge thing of spinach not in the bag. I froze the bagged ones immediately and will be freezing what I don’t use from the other.

    I can’t stand the weird taste of the prepackaged frozen spinach, so I am SO glad to have found out that I can freeze fresh spinach. You’re a life saver!

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