Toddler Making Pizza

I couldn’t help myself. The toddler and I made pizza a few nights ago and he was the most perfect little helper! So I thought I’d post a little pictorial.

I made the Thin Crust Whole Wheat Pizza Dough, this time half whole wheat and half white whole wheat (no soy) and it was perfect!! (even the husband thought it was perfect!)

Nutritional info for the pizza as shown.

Aprox Nutritional Information per serving
Servings Amount per Serving Calories Fat Fiber WWPs
4 1/4 of the dough (2 slices); 325 8g 6g 6
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  1. French

    Hmmm…I just checked my calulator (NOT WW endorsed) and I’m coming up with 7 points using your calories/fat/fiber.

    Pizza looks good…I just had leftovers from the “Roni Pizza” I made Wednesday night.

  2. roni

    Trish – I get the hormel brand in the refrigerator section of my grocery store. Giant, Redners, and Weiss. It usually by the deli meats. I also sell another brand in my GLB store.

    French – I get 6.4 exactly using the calculator so 7 is a good estimate.

  3. Tess

    I’m new to your site but its incredible!! Ive learned so much, your son is very very very cute! I LOVE how he helps u,It’s a great way to get kids to eat good foods! This pizza looks great i cant wait to make it. Thank you for taking the time to share your life with us.
    Best Wishes,

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