Pre-School Lunch from the Pantry


What Came Home?


Sometimes coming up with lunch The 2 Year seems impossible. I whipped this together in a pinch using what I could find in the pantry. He seemed to like it. I wish I included more fresh options but sometimes you just have to make do.

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  1. Sue Richmond

    I thought your kids’ lunches were a separate category. Why is this listed under your main dinner idea? Also, I wasn’t able to ‘click’ on anything other than the snapea crisps.

    1. roni

      They are a separate category, they just show on the main page now. If you go to dinner ideas, it’s not listed… link to

      And the snappea crisps are the only thing I made clickable because I’m not sure everyone knows what they are. The other ingredients are self explanatory. Hope that helps!

  2. Christina

    I really like the snappea crisps as well. I didn’t think I would but they are so addictive. My kids won’t eat them because of what they look like. If I can get them to get past the look and trying to figure out what it is and just try it, they would like it. What you put together looks like it would be a great snack to have at work for me!

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