Pretty Pretty Peas

Baby Food: Peas Step 6

I never understood people’s aversion to peas. I blame the brownish mush that comes in cans. Fresh and even frozen peas are so vibrant and tasty. My Little Guy has always loved them. He even eats them frozen out of the bag when I’m cooking!

Will his younger brother share this love? Find out in my newest Baby Food Adventure…

I always keep a few bags peas in the freezer.

Baby Food: Peas Step 1

Simply add some boiling water. It brings the peas to the perfect temperature when starting with frozen.

Baby Food: Peas Step 2


Baby Food: Peas Step 3

I used too much water, my peas were runny. You could simply add more peas, but I was all out. Instead I…

Baby Food: Peas Step 4

Mixed it a bit of baby oatmeal to thicken.

Baby Food: Peas Step 5

Taste Test Time!
He was really hungry so he already had a few bites of oatmeal. Time for something new!

Baby Food: Peas Step 6

His expression DEFINITELY changed.

Baby Food: Peas Step 7

The Verdict?
NOT HAPPY! This was the first time he reacted like this to ANYTHING he’s tried. I know this sounds bad, but it was hysterical!

Baby Food: Peas Step 8

I thought MAYBE mixing in a little dry formula would add a familiar taste and and sweeten them up a little. So I tried that.

Baby Food: Peas Step 9

His response…

Baby Food: Peas Step 10

Well, that didn’t work. Last attempt….

Baby Food: Peas Step 11

It Worked!
The applesauce added a familiar texture and flavor. Just a little swirled in and he loved it!

Baby Food: Peas Step 12

All done!
I mean REALLY loved it!

Baby Food: Peas Step 13

Happy Full Baby!
He was so content after that meal and even though he wouldn’t eat the peas straight up he had a very well rounded bowl of peas, oatmeal, applesauce, and formula.

Baby Food: Peas Step 14

I stored the rest. Even though he doesn’t like it straight up, it makes a great addition to his meals. Plus you never know he may come around. Baby’s tastes change regularly.

Baby Food: Peas Step 15

The Future Looks Bright!
He’s already coming around! ;)

Baby Food: Peas Step 16

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  1. Amy @ A Little Nosh

    That jarred stuff is so nasty. We tried it and my son ate it, but the smell and look made me gag. Once I started making my own baby food, I made him peas and it was such a difference! For both of us. He loved them, and I wasn’t gagging from the smell anymore.

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