Maybe the Mango Ate Your Baby

Baby Food Making: Mango Step 9

Not much compares to the ripe sweetness of fresh mango. Five years ago I had my first one and fell in love. So did the Toddler at the time (click here to see how we still eat out favorite fruit)

Join me as I introduce this family favorite to our newest member. Let the baby food adventure begin…

Start with a Ripe Mango
A ripe mango will be soft to the touch. They do ripen on the countertop so you can buy firmer ones and simply wait a few days until they soften a bit.

Baby Food Making: Mango Step 1

Cut the “cheeks” off.
Cut on either side of the stem longwise.

Baby Food Making: Mango Step 2

Other Options
There are a few different ways to cut a mango. I’m using the “porcupine” method. Click here to see a long winded video I did with “Big Brother” a few years ago. We show you the method that I’m about to describe.

Baby Food Making: Mango Step 3

Checkerboard it.
Cut a Checkerboard Pattern into the cheek.

Baby Food Making: Mango Step 4

This is what gives the porcupine look., allowing easy access to the flesh.

Baby Food Making: Mango Step 5

Cut the chunks off the skin, as low as possible

Baby Food Making: Mango Step 6

Put the chunks in a small processor.

Baby Food Making: Mango Step 7

Ta Daaa!
Mango baby food!

Baby Food Making: Mango Step 8

Feed The baby. Notice
I didn’t say “Cross Your Fingers” because really, how can he NOT like pureed mango?!?

Baby Food Making: Mango Step 9

Share with Big Brother.
It’s still one of his favorite fruits.

Baby Food Making: Mango Step 10

Thumbs Up!
When I asked how it was this is the response I got.

Baby Food Making: Mango Step 11

Little Bean agreed.
This was his dessert and he was MIGHTY happy about it.

Baby Food Making: Mango Step 12

Store leftovers.
He could have finished it, but I decided to cut him off at about half. This was after he already ate a HUGE bowl of sweet potatoes with brown rice mixed with formula.

Baby Food Making: Mango Step 13

Feeling Good!
Another new food success. Let’s hope this trend continues.

Baby Food Making: Mango Step 14

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6 Comments and 0 Replies

  1. Green Dog Wine

    Sometimes I will just randomly say “my mango my mango my mango” when my husband brings one home from the market. ;) Ryan definitely left an impression on me! (can’t BELIEVE it was that long ago!) :)

  2. Jennifer

    I started cutting my mango a different way if you’re interested. I use a potato peeler, then cut the meat off the seed. Leaves less mango on the skin. Of course then I have to munch on the seed to get the rest. Lol. Mango is my all time favorite fruit.

  3. Kathy

    The title alone…..Maybe the Mango ate yo Baby! Had me rolling before I ever opened the link! Thanks for sharing your beautiful children with us. Ps. Glad the tears are missing in the end shots.

  4. Valerie

    I love that you’re feeding Evan “real” food. Do you supplement with any store bought baby food or do you take what you’ve made with you?

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