Thanksgiving Harvest Salad Idea

My experimental salad was a hit! I had some fresh greens from the farm and decided to get creative on Thanksgiving. I figured the worse thing that could happen was a full of bowl of salad at the end of the meal.

To my surprise there was an almost empty bowl! I just polished off the rest for dinner tonight. There’s just something about the combination of Thanksgiving Harvest Salad Idea sweet craisins, fresh greens, crunchy pecans and smoky gouda. I dressed it all with a bit of store bought sweet maple fig dressing, I didn’t measuring anything but I thought I’d still share the idea to hopefully spark some of your own.

Here’s my ingredient list…

  • Fresh spinach
  • Arugula
  • Red lettuce
  • Handful of pecans (or walnuts)
  • Handful of dried cranberries
  • Handful of cubed smoked gouda cheese
  • A sweet dressing like maple fig or raspberry vinaigrette dressing, just a bit.

Throw everything in a bowl and toss!

Oh! and just a note: The winner of the Tasteful Selections was Barabara (comment 51). :)

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  1. Sherry

    Roni-that’s okay! I appreciate you taking the time to answer. I had looked around online to try and find it, but I could only find a brand that said that type was discontinued (Vermont something?)

    Take care,

  2. Sherry

    Hi Roni,

    I used Trader Joe’s raspberry walnut gorgonzola dressing on the salad, and it was really good! They sell it in the refrigerated section.

    Take care,

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