Fast Food Style Egg Sandwich

You are going to think this idea is absolutely ridiculous or genius. I tend to think it’s genius but I may be biased. ;) Simply, I make an egg mold out of an empty nut can. Here, I’ll show you. I went a little picture happy.

Ingredients I used…

How I Made a Fast Food Style Egg Sandwich

  • 1 egg
  • 1 egg white
  • tiny onion
  • 1/4 of a bell pepper
  • 1 tbsp bacon bits
  • 1 whole grain sandwich thin
  • non-stick cooking spray

First of all let me tell you what happened. I had a hankering for an egg sandwich this morning. The little guy asked for “cheesy eggs” which, in our house is code word for pretty much a plain omelet. It’s a long story that starts waaay back when I made Mommy and Me omelets.

Anyway, before breakfast I was cleaning out the pantry, about to recycle this nut jar…

How I Made a Fast Food Style Egg Sandwich - step 1

When something hit me! It’s just about the same size as a sandwich thin.

How I Made a Fast Food Style Egg Sandwich - step 2

So I took a can opener to the bottom and made a tube.

How I Made a Fast Food Style Egg Sandwich - step 3

I then sauteed the onion, pepper and bacon bits and beat them with the egg, egg white, a pinch of salt and pepper.

How I Made a Fast Food Style Egg Sandwich - step 4

With a heated a non-stick skillet, I sprayed the tube and skillet with non-stick spray and poured in the egg.

How I Made a Fast Food Style Egg Sandwich - step 5

Using a rubber spatula I mixed the egg a few times and cooked for a minute or two until I thought it was set enough to remove the “mold”. With the mold removed I flipped and cooked for another minute.

How I Made a Fast Food Style Egg Sandwich - step 6

I prepared my thin. I’m an egg and ketchup girl. :)

How I Made a Fast Food Style Egg Sandwich - step 7

Top with the egg…

How I Made a Fast Food Style Egg Sandwich - step 8

… and VIOLA! My fast food style egg sandwich!

How I Made a Fast Food Style Egg Sandwich - step 9

What do you think? Ridiculous or genius? :)

Here’s the nutritional info for how I made it.

Approx Nutritional Information per serving
Servings Amt per Serving
1 whole recipe
Calories Fat Fiber WWPs
225 8g 6g old: 4 new: 6
Sugar Sat Fat Carbs Protein
2g 3g 27g 20g
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41 Comments and 0 Replies

  1. SoHelpMeKath

    Genius. I make one with a custard cup sprayed with nonstick spray and microwave my egg. Add a slice of cheddar and 2 slices of canadian bacon to my sandwich thin, and I’m good to go.

    Should add more veggies to mine! A slice of tomato would be great.

  2. Jessica

    Genius! I even have a little flower shaped thingie to use with eggs or pancake batter. At the very least, you solved a problem I have. Flipping the eggs and keeping their shape. (Stir the mix! Duh!!) Maybe Mac Muffins for breakfast tomorrow…

  3. Kimberly

    That is pretty freaking genius. I wish I could have bread and I would try it. I am making a portobello mushroom/blue cheese/egg sandwich tomorrow. It is my own experiment to mix up breakfast.

  4. Josie @ Skinny Way Of Life

    GENIUS!! I’m one of those crazy people that has to have my sandwich stuffings right to the egde, my husband makes fun of me but I like to have my filling in every bite, duh!! this is perfect for me, I eat Arnold’s sandwich thins all the time and having the egg fit perfectly to the edge is right up my alley!!

  5. Prettylittlereckless

    Yum! I make my own sausage/egg/muffin sanwiches from time to time and use a small glass dish (I think it’s for dipping sauce?). Spray with non-stick stuff, pop in the microwave for 50-55seconds and done! I like the idea of adding in veggies though and using sandwich thins! I have a bunch in my freezer that need to be used and this is a great idea!

  6. susan

    Genius! I use a microwave egg cooker that I found at Walmart that cooks the egg in 1 minute but my egg is a little smaller than the sandwich thin. I love fixing these for my boys for breakfast because they are both quick and healthy.

  7. CindMoore

    I absolutely love it when people get creative and repurpose things. GENIUS.
    PS: Saw someone on Rachel Ray show make a calorie & time saving alternative to a cheese omelet…using egg substitute and laughing cow cheese and microwaving it.
    link to

  8. Traci

    Not ridiculous at all — PURE GENIUS! I’ve been making these sandwiches for awhile – I love you can add so much variety with fresh veggies. Although, my favorite is 1 TBS of real bacon bits and a couple TBS of shredded cheese. Makes me feel like I’m being “bad” but WW points-wise so friendly!!!

    This summer, I happened to score the tiniest fry pan at TJ Maxx that is the appropriate size as well.

  9. Crystal

    Great idea, and resourceful of you! I wonder if you could make a few of these ahead and keep them in the fridge to reheat for hectic mornings?

  10. Sher

    Love this idea! I love making egg sandwiches, but the egg ALWAYS falls out of the bread in big messy hunks. Now I’m on the hunt for a can that fits my sandwich thin…

  11. Dani

    Roni! I am so envious of your ability to cook and work out all through your 1st trimester – I’m at week 11 and have been sick as a dog! No cooking, and almost NO activity! And just for the record – I choose genius over ridiculous! I mean what’s so ridiculous about wanting to your egg to nestle perfectly onto your bread?! MAkes perfect sense to me! Something only your fellow fit-foodies can understand – LOL!

  12. Kathy

    Sounds good…until you get to the ketchup! LOL!

    By the way, ‘accidentally’ came across your page and now visit all the time! Love the recipes!

  13. jacque

    i have a question when u say u mixed the egg and egg white are these 2 different things???? It really looks will have to try. Always looking for new points receipes. Thanks

  14. roni

    Yes, for the recipe i used 1 egg and 1 egg white. It’s just a preference of mine. You can use 1 egg, egg beaters or 2 full eggs. Whatever you prefer.

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