Pineapple Angel Food Experiment

This weeks video was a lot of fun. The little guy and I tried an idea that Marie left on my failed Pomegranate Angel Food Cupcakes post.

We took some crushed pineapple and combined it with a boxed angel food cake mix. The result was a super sweet low calorie cupcake-ish treat. Making 24, each is only about 85 calories and no fat. Mostly sugar though, so don’t go too overboard. But if you are looking for something fun to do with the kids on a snowy saturday morning this could work. :)

My other cake mix ideas…

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  1. Heather

    I’ve LOVED this recipe ever since I found it on a WW website five years ago. We make it all the time for a fast, easy breakfast or a weekend treat. I know it’s not the best, but it makes a good choice for my husband to take to work for breakfast since otherwise he’d be stopping for fast food.

  2. Debbie

    Hey Roni..

    Try lemon pie filling with Angel food cake mix..just those 2 ingredients… very yummy and refreshing..


  3. Tish Matheny

    haha…oh my gosh Roni…1st of all…your little guy is just HILARIOUS! Jaxon absolutley loves to watch more now that Ryans a little older. Both he and I just sat here and laughed so hard. 2cnd…where did you get those cupcake liners? So cute!!! Never seen them in multiple colors. 3rd…I will definitely try. I think pineapple is the only fruit that I have not yet introduced to Jaxon. He’s not one for trying new foods either. Thanks for the idea :P

  4. Tami

    My husband was walking past when I was watching this video and he had to stop and watch when he heard Ryan. He was cracking up laughing at how you kept going while Ryan was doing his thing with the spatula and talking! Hubby thought it was a riot. Thanks for the recipe idea and thanks for entertaining us.

  5. liz

    your son was hilarious! and the cupcakes looked good. nice way to get a sweets fix without derailing myself completely; i’ll have to file that one away.

  6. Lindsay Morrison

    This sounds pretty good, but I was wondering if you knew what would be the serving size/nutritional info if you would do it in a regular 13×9 cake pan??

  7. Melody

    Ok, so this is a silly question I’m sure…but I’ve never actually LOOKED for angel food cake mix. Do they sell it at the grocery store or a Whole Foods kind of place? I’ve always just bought it already made.

    An on a sidenote, anyone have any recipes for a good healthy sponge cake? I LOVE those. Like Angel Food but a little more moist. I’m half Chinese and they are a Chinese dessert staple in the bakeries in San Francisco.

    And Roni, I love love love your son and your videos. Keep it up please. Very nice to see someone relatable going through the same food choices I am since I too am a thirtyish mom with two small kids.


  8. roni

    Melody – They do sell it at regular grocery stores right next to the traditional stuff, like Dunkin Hines and Betty Crocker. Usually in the spice/baling aisle.

    As for the sponge cake, do you have a recipe you like? Maybe I can try to “Ron-i-fy” it. ;~P

  9. allijag

    okay I have a silly question :) why do you turn the cupcakes over after you take them out of the oven? does that help them cool faster? :) I’ve just never seen that trick and I’m totally curious!

  10. roni

    Allijag – So funny that you asked that. I think it’s effective way to cool an angel-food cake to help it set while it’s cooling. It’s probably unnecessary in the cupcakes. I just did it for fun.

  11. Kiley

    hmm well….. my attempt at this turned into some crazy alien cupcakes- great idea gone bad!!! i think the dump both bags in the cake mix (flour & sugar/egg) was not going to work for me BUT it’s worth another try! I think it has potential :)

  12. Barbara

    hey I love making the muffin. I also used cherry pie filling.
    But I do not use a mixer. Just use a wooding spoon.
    And I think it you used the 20 can of pineapple it would form up alot more. I believe there would be more liquid in the can.
    enjoy and love watching you guys.

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