The Lettuce Bun [video]

I’m TRYING to get back into videos guys. I miss them. This is quick (only 5 minutes, can you believe it!?!) video where I show my technique for using lettuce as a bun. It’s a quick, easy way to ditch the extra bread during your next summer BBQ.

Hope it helps those of you looking for light burger bun alternative.

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  1. fitnessofthegods

    What a unique idea with the lettuce! And I will have to try the difference between the grinder and just regular shakers. Because I just use the regular shakers I never really thought about making the peppers bigger in size for more flavor! Nice!

    Live Active!
    Nick K

  2. Lauren T

    Great idea! I’ve been craving burgers a lot lately, so I’ll have to try this tip to make it a less calorie filled meal :) Videos are so fun too, so I’d love to see more!

  3. Krista S.

    I do my burgers like that all the time, but last night I tried the green beans on the grill for the first time and I’m totally smitten! What a great idea and they really do taste like fries.

  4. Jamie H

    I had the burger on the lettuce for dinner tonight..I really liked it, a little messy but that was due to the pickles and tomato. Refreshing.

  5. erica

    I tried the lettuce bun idea this week! It was good, but a litle messy! I had been craving a burger with the works! I grilled asparagus for “fries”!

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