Creative Spice Set Contest!

I’m so excited for the contest! Instead of your basic run of the mill random drawing we are holding a contest for the most creative spice set. What would be in your dream spice collection? The set can be inspired by anything–the holidays, your favorite cuisine, what was in mom’s pantry, whatever!

Creative Spice Set Giveaway!  - Spices Inc.Greg from Spices Inc. will pick the winning spice set based on creativity. The winner will not only receive the spice set they created but it will also be featured on the Spices Inc. web site as a ‘special limited edition‘ set available for sale!

Have I been saying “winner” what I meant to say is WINNERS! Greg has agreed to choose up to 4 if we get 100 entries. So for every 25 people to enter we add another another winner.

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment with the name of your creative spice set and list the 6 spices used in it. You must name the set and sure the are spices available on the Spices Inc. web site or your entry will be disqualified. (click here to browse their online store.)

I’m so excited to see what you come up with! Especially sets that may contain spices I’m not familiar with. We’ll announce the winners next week.

Please note Spices Inc. will only ship to US and Canada. Sorry my international friends. :(

Full Disclosure: Spices Inc. is NOT paying me to host this contest. However, I am an affiliate. That means any sales made from visiting their site from mine will results in a commission.

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  1. Skinny Sushi

    Awesome, I love spices!

    My six:
    Around the World in Six Spices
    1. All American Dry Rub (American)
    2. Hawaij (Middle Eastern)
    3. Piri Piri (African)
    4. Caribbean Spice
    5. Garam Masala (Indian)
    6. Greek Seasoning

  2. Jan

    Can I tell you how excited I am to see Spices Inc will ship to Canada??? Woo Hoo.

    My dream spice set would include:

    Garlic Flakes
    Manzanillo Mexican Seasoning
    Organic Korintje Cinnamon Powder
    Ground Cumin
    Crystallized Ginger
    Ghost Chile

    Mmmmm…I am dreaming about how wonderful all those spices would smell.

  3. Nichole

    Ooooo, great giveaway! I could use some new spices. I’d put together an “Around the World” set, made up of spices I’ve never tried:

    Baharat (Middle East/North Africa)
    Berbere (Ethiopia)
    Achiote seeds (Jamaica)
    Hot Chinese mustard powder (Asia)
    Ras El Hanout (Morocco)
    Zaatar (Middle East)

  4. Jamie

    Jamie’s Spicy Hot Add-Ins

    Ancho Powder

    Cayenne Pepper Hot Heat

    De Arbol Chiles

    Dehydrated Red Bell Pepper

    Dried Habanero Chiles

    Ghost Chile

  5. Angela

    My hubby and I tried Indian food once…and hated it. (I blame it on our restaurant choice). I always hear great things about Indian food though so with the help of my spice mix and google I would have some fun experimenting in the kitchen and give Indian food a 2nd chance!

    Adventures in Indian Cooking:
    Garam Masala
    Fennel Seed
    Ground Cardamom
    Maharajah Style Curry Powder

  6. Kerry

    My coping mechanism for winter is to think about sunny summer days….so here’s my Summer Vacation combo:

    Burger Blast
    Chipotle Honey Rub
    York Steak Seasoning
    Garlic Herb Seasoning
    Cajun & Creole Spice
    Summer Savory Blend

    I would love to try these 5 spices on my summer vacation, for grilling, dips, salad dressings, and more!

  7. Tiger G

    This was kinda fun. I picked mine with the premise of these being the only spices I had to use with the exception of salt. So I ran through the things I really like and thought the website was excellent with the description of the herbs and spices. I especially loved the pictures. I’m easy to please.

    Sweet Chili powder – It would work for Tex-Mex and also Thai recipes.

    Organic Granulated Garlic – Universal

    Madras Curry powder – I liked the blend, I love curry from chicken salad to eggs to Moroccan soups.

    Organic Herbs de Provence – I was torn. I wanted either basil or dill (my two loves) but this was a perfect blend that could work for fish, chicken, French AND Italian recipes. I am actually going to order this either way because it’s a new find for me and I’m very excited to try it.

    Organic Saigon Cinnamon – I love cinnamon in baking, I love me some sweets, but I also love the surprise flavor of cinnamon in savory recipes. Saigon cinnamon has the most profound flavor and smell so it was exciting this was on the list.

    Ground Jamaican Allspice – I was gonna pick nutmeg cus I’ve been playing with it lately, but then I saw this Jamaican Allspice. It can be savory or sweet and the description really sold me.

  8. Barb

    My spice set is an homage to my husband who sings “Salmon Enchanted Evening” whenever I make salmon so here are six spices that go with it.

    The “Salmon Enchanted Evening” set:

    Organic Dill Weed
    Yellow Mustard Seed Powder
    Lime Pepper
    Garlic Herb Seasoning
    Sesame Seed
    Ginger Powder

  9. Laura

    These make no real sense — only that I have always wanted to try them! Ancho Powder, Peppercorn Beef rub, Crystallized Ginger, Organic Herbs de Provence, Lime Pepper.

  10. Amanda

    These are just spices I would like to try:

    Experimentation: The Essence of Life

    Spanish Saffron
    Long Pepper
    Adobo Seasoning
    Turmeric Powder
    Pink Peppercorns
    Ground Cardamom

  11. Michelle

    I would love to try cooking with dried chiles so here is my list:

    Ghost Chiles (because I saw it on Man vs. Food)
    Cascabel Chiles
    DeArbol Chiles
    Dried Ancho Chiles
    Dried Chipotle Chiles
    Dried Pasilla Chiles

  12. Sarah

    Since I love baking, and keeping everything as natural as possible, I’d create the
    Organic Baker’s Friend Set:
    - Organic Vanilla Beans
    - Organic Cocoa Powder
    - Organic Ground Cloves
    - Organic Cacao Nibs
    - Organic Ginger Root
    - Organic Saigon Cinnamon Powder

  13. Lynn @ Sit. Stay. Cook.

    The Secret Ingredient Set

    This is a collection of herbs and spices that are used in everyday recipes to really make them outstanding. I picked ones that I didn’t know I needed until after I tried them. Now they are kitchen staples for me and hopefully for you, too.

    Organic Basil – add to canned tomato soup and feel like you’re at a fancy bistro, mix into pasta salad or sprinkle on pizza or sandwiches for an Italian flair.

    Adobo Seasoning – mix with mayonnaise for a perfectly surprising sandwich spread, combine with sour cream for a quick and delicious taco topping, sprinkle in couscous, rub into chicken – the list goes on and on.

    Marjoram Leaf – the secret to perfect meatloaf is marjoram. Period.

    Crystallized Ginger – kick your sweet potato casserole to 11 by adding minced crystallized ginger. Or add it to molasses cookies, spice cakes and pumpkin rolls for a hint of goodness that will make them turn their heads – in a good way.

    Lemongrass – combine with Asian flavors to make a delicious marinade for grilled chicken, add to soups for a light hint of the exotic, or mix with honey and drizzle over fresh fruit for an out-of-this-world dessert.

    Nutmeg Powder – the secret to the best eggnog, the best quiche, the best savory bread pudding – if your dish is based on eggs, nutmeg will probably make them sing.

  14. Brandy

    I love experimenting with spices! I especially love combining sweet and spicy flavors.

    Sweet Heat seasoning combo:
    Cocoa Chile Rub
    Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
    Sweet Chile Powder
    Sweet Tweetie
    Chipotle Honey Rub

  15. Melissa Miller

    Pie 6 Pack – Basic spices needed for many pies!

    vanilla extract
    cinnamon powder
    ground cloves
    ground nutmeg
    apple pie spice
    pumpkin pie spice

  16. Barbara

    these are what I would chose.
    Chinese Five Spice
    Mediterranean Rub
    adobo lime rub
    Buffallo Wing Rub
    pizza seasoning
    Pumpkin spice

  17. Paula Jane

    My 6 choices are for the spices I use often, etc. for the first which i just read about on Spices Inc. web site and really want to try now.

    #1 – Saigon Cinnamon
    #2 – Thyme Leaf
    #3 – Whole Dried Sage
    #4 – Bay leaves
    #5 – Organic Basil
    #6 – Vanilla Beans

    Just a few of my Staples…

  18. Liz

    The name of my spice set is around the world in 6 spices.

    I would include:

    Organic Garam Masala
    Adobe Lime Zest
    Chinese Five Spice
    Organic Saigon Cinnamon Powder
    Organic Italian Seasoning

    I like all of these spices because allow me to explore the world through my kitchen. They give me the chance to try new things and mix up some of my old favorites.

  19. Julie Ryan

    I’d go Sweet and Savory:

    Garlic Flakes
    Pumpkin Pie Spice
    Onion Flakes
    Honey Powder
    Curry Powder
    Lemon Peel

    Great give-away!

  20. Natasha

    Woo hoo, they ship to Canada!!! I am very happy to enter this contest. I love spices and I love combing spices to make a new dish or to add a unique flavor to an old classic.

    My six are the following:

    Greek Oragano
    Organic Cinnamon Power-Saigon
    Organic Cocoa power
    Sweet Tweetie
    Honey Powder

    Woud love to win these and try some new dishes!!

  21. Kelly

    CARDAMOM and CINNAMON would be for making spiced wines and hot chocolate and a alcohol drink we call boil-o

    BAHARAT for rubbing meats in the winter I love a good warmth from my rubs in the winter and it sounded like that kind of rub.

    BOURBON VANILLA BEANS I love sweet tea all year round and found if I take the pod after it has been scooped out and leave it in sugar for a week it hardens and I crush it with my hands and add to a simple syrup and strain that into my tea. Its so good and tastes like the holidays.

    CHIPOTLE HONEY RUB This sounds amazing. I want to slather it on some salmon or sea bass immediately. We don’t eat fish as much in the winter (I’m not sure why) but I’m pretty sure if I got my hands on this stuff we would. Smokey, sweet AND has a great crust once finished cooking?? YES PLEASE

    MEDITERRANEAN CYPRUS FLAKE SALT Can you imagine? Homemade caramel with sea salt sprinkled ontop as dessert at your holiday dinner table. Can’t beat that.

  22. Leanne

    My mom’s newly on a low sodium diet so here’s my set that I know I could share with her!

    (All selected from the no-salt page: link to

    “No Salt? No Problem” <– That's the name

    Chile Powder (Mild)
    Garlic Herb Seasoning
    Lemon White Pepper
    Mexican Seasoning
    Taco Seasoning
    Organic Italian Seasoning

    … That should give anyone plenty of salt-free cooking options!

  23. Melissa Vannoy

    How about a “GO GREEN SPICE” set!
    Sweet Basil
    Bay Leaves
    Thyme Leaves
    Whole Dried Sage
    Fennel Seeds

    No too fancy – basic spices – w/ a green twist! Thanks for a chance to win! Have a great day!

  24. Mel

    Well Dan just started to make lifestyle changes for himself, so I’d want to pick 6 that I think would get him excited and more involved in the kitchen. (for the last 2 years, he just ate what I cooked, which is fine). But I want him to expand his horizons and learn to cook for himself in a healthy way, especially when I am out of town. And he has HUGE issues with adding masses of salt to anything, no matter who cooks it.

    My 6 picks would be:
    1. salt free taco seasoning.
    2. salt free steak seasoning
    3. habanero flakes (we both love heat)
    4. italian seasoning (his favorite cuisine)
    5. manzanillo mexican seasoning (my fav cuisine)
    6. chinese 5 spice (always looking to expand my horizons with new spices)

  25. Nicki

    Kitchen Essentials
    1. Vanilla Flavor
    2. Taco Seasoning
    3. Mexican Oregano
    4. Organic Black Pepper
    5. Creole Seasoning
    6. Garlic Powder

  26. Janel

    I’m a little embarrassed to admit this as a dietitian, but I love salt. I know I know we should be cutting back, and they’re going to lower the daily recommended amount, but I think salt can bring a blah dish to a totally amazing one with a few shakes. And I’m in LOVE with all sorts of new flavored salts – but they can be pricey! So does it count if my “spice” blend contains all salts?

    chipotle salt
    smokey citrus salt
    Pacific Sea Smoked Sea Salt
    Hawaiian black salt
    Mediterranean Cyprus Flake Salt
    Fleur de Sel

  27. Kristin

    I’m craving summer today. I love citrus-based seasonings because they go so great on just about everything!

    Adobo Lime Seasoning
    Citrus Seasoning
    Lemon White Pepper
    Lime Pepper
    Smoky Citrus Salt
    Tropical Caribbean Turkey Seasoning

  28. sharlaelizabeth

    1. habanero flakes
    2. bourbon vanilla beans
    3. organic tumeric
    4. Pacific sea smoked salt
    5. organic Italian seasonings
    6. organic chia seeds

    Those are an assortment of things that I would like to try as well as the things that I feel like I’m always picking up at the store becuase we go through them so quickly.

    Thanks for the contest Spices, Inc.!!

  29. Becca B

    “Pep in Your Step Spice Set”

    1. Saigon Cinnamon
    2. Sichuan Peppercorns
    3. Deep South Dry Rub
    4. Organic Flax Seed
    5. Chipotle Salt
    6. Greek Seasoning

  30. Cari Gruelle


    Green parsley
    Red paprika
    Green Dill
    Red Peppers
    Green Rosemary
    Red Sumac
    Green Bay Leaves
    Red Chipolte Peppers

    Thanks for allowing us to have fun with all these GREAT spices!!!

  31. Emily Fowler

    How about a “What Little Girls Are Made Of” set? (You know, ‘sugar & spice & everything nice’?)

    Tahitian Vanilla Beans
    Sweet Chile Powder
    Ginger Powder
    Cocoa Powder
    Saigon Cinnamon Powder
    Himalayan PINK Salt :-)

  32. Sally

    My 6 spice set would be named:”Slow Cooker’s Choices”
    which would include:
    1)Sweet Basil
    2)Italian Seasoning
    3)Bay Leaf
    4)Ground Cumin
    5)Cayenne pepper
    6)Fennel Seeds

  33. Zoeyanna

    My six spice set would be named asian-mex and would consist of;
    Garlic powder
    Cayenne pepper

  34. Holly B

    Salt-free and Sassylicious Spice Set – I like it hot (hot, hot!)

    1.) Salt Free Cajun Seasoning
    2.) Hill Country Chili Powder (Hot)
    3.) Habanero Chile Seasoning
    4.) Buffalo Wing Rub
    5.) Creole Seasoning
    6.) Curry Powder (Hot)

  35. Nicole P

    I would make the:
    Spice-a-holics Anonymous Set

    The spice set for the spice-a-holic in your life. You have to be a true spice fanatic to have all of the following spices on hand at once and you may need to seek help for your spice addiction if so.

    Asafoetida Powder
    Piri Piri Seasoning
    Ras El Hanout
    Sel Gris

    The good thing about it is, you will be the only kitchen on the block with such interesting flavors!

  36. Nikki

    In my adult life I’ve lived in 5 states, so I chose the spice that I most identified with each state I’ve lived in and then the one that I use in the most creative ways (IMHO).

    1-Buffalo Wing Rub (NY) I went to college near Buffalo.
    2-Burger Blast (AR) We were poor and ate lots of burgers.
    3-Pumpkin Pie Spice (MN) It’s SOOO cold in winter, having the oven on was a good thing, plus my MIL who lives in MN is an expert pie baker.
    4- Steak rub (CO) Something about the West and we didn’t live too far from the WY border.
    5- Kansas City BBQ Rub (MO) I love BBQ and we like ours best…even if we do live near KC.
    6- Vanilla Extract- Not just for baking, I put this in yogurt, granola, and a variety of other dishes.

  37. Jessica

    Spices in ABC order…
    Apple Pie Spice – heaven in oatmeal!
    Bourbon Vanilla Beans- the name pretty mych says it
    Cajun-mild -something that WON’T burn your scoks?
    Deep South Dry Rub- Sounds sensational for grilling
    Espresso Rub- it just sounds intriguing
    Hawaiian Black Salt- I broke the pattern, but it sounds
    so good!

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