Quick Scallops with Rice & Sugar Snap Peas


I came home from work with a mission to cook a healthy meal with the little guy. I had defrosted scallops, some minute rice, and fresh sugar snap peas. Add in some pantry items like lime juice, lemon juice, soy sauce, sesame oil and ginger. Viola! A 20 minute meal.

I will try to make this again and measure everything to write up a more detailed recipe. In the mean time your are stuck with a 20 minute goofy video of the little guy showing off his silly bands and blue blanket and me cooking trying out a new idea in the background. ;)

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  1. Pamela LaRue

    what size is your scanpan? It looks like the perfect size. Rhyan actually scarred me when he was popping up.lol! Great video.

  2. Laura

    Roni – My 9 year old and I love watching your videos together! This one had her in hysterics over Ryan. My daugther loves to be in the kitchen as do I and her and I are going to attempt a video this Sunday in our kitchen – we shall see how that goes!

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