Produce Picks: Ulgi Fruit and Santa Claus (the Melon)

As I say in the video, we actually recorded this one twice. Of course! Why wouldn’t my computer act up while trying to squish a video session in the morning in my mess of a house while packing and trying to get the toddler a healthy breakfast before his first day of full time “camp.” *sigh* but we salvaged it. :)

This week we tried an Ugli Fruit AND a Santa Claus Melon. Both were super yummy although the kid didn’t agree. It’s a short one and worth a watch for pure 4 year old goofiness alone. :)

Thanks terwilliger911 for the Ugli Fruit photo!

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  1. jessie

    Awesome! Thanks for using my picture! The ugli fruit was really weird in texture, like very soft and squishy, and the juice was really sour. Not something I would buy again, but I was impressed with the thickness of the skin, it was like something you could make clothing out of or something. Interesting fruit, to say the least.

  2. Krista S.

    My husband and I tried the Ugli Fruit a couple weeks ago with less than stellar results. LOL Maybe we got a bad one, although the produce dude picked it out for us and he seemed like he knew what he was doing. Who knows, lol. And finally, I think I am the only one who is tearing up a bit over this being the last video in your house. I’m such a sap! I hope your move goes without a hitch and that you can get set up in your temp. apt. easily. <3 Krista S.

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