Mango Banana Smoothie

This weeks video is a bit crazy. Yup, that’s the only word I can use to describe it, crazy. I was going to edit but I just didn’t haven’t it in me today, I’ve been having some back problems. :(

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  1. Brooke

    Oh you are so brave – I can only imagine how sticky his shirt must have been :)

    I love mango smoothies with frozen raspberries. I have experimented with 1-2 finely chopped dates instead of honey and 2 Tbs of oatmeal (for fiber and sweetness). It gives a less smooth texture but some good spoon scooping left overs. My base is plain yogurt, 1 Tbs of flax seed oil with a scoop of plain protein powder and 3 ice cubes.

  2. Valerie

    I especially loved the Mommy-Son Standoff. Your comment, “I can outlast him”… Classic! We have moments like that in our house too… Only mine aren’t toddlers anymore. they the kid and the tween! (how is it that my 1st baby is almost 11 aleady!?!?)

    I love fage. I wish it came in smaller containers in my grocery store. We get only the big ones unless I make the trek to whole foods, sunflower market, or trader joe’s. I’m looking forward to trying the Stonybrook farms.

  3. Allison K

    I’m recently a Stonyfield Farms yogurt convert, even the regular yogurt is thicker and just more natural tasting. I found the others to be way too sweet or had some weird grainy texture. Strangely, I got into their Greek yogurt before the “plain” because I went thru a gyro phase and made tons of tzatziki sauce.

    Hilarious video! And, thanks for sharing, I need to get back into the smoothie habit :D

  4. Krista S.

    I can’t even stop laughing. Oh Roni…I’m glad to see that other mom’s have weird/strange/awesome kids! The Roni-Ryan stand off was hilarious.

  5. amanda

    LMAO! Ryan is one funny little guy :)

    The best smoothie combo I’ve tried is Raspberry/Strawberry w/ vanilla yogurt! I even add some Flax seed to it as well. Its delish!

    I’ll def have to pick up some mango and try this one! Thanks!

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