“My Mango, My Mango” – Video Post


After you see the video you’ll know what I’m talking about. The toddler goes NUTS for mango. It’s one of our all time favorites.

This video shows our technique for cutting and enjoying the fruit in a simple fun way.

Now the toddler and I (the husband isn’t a huge fan of mango) normally just eat them straight up, like in the video. However, while researching for my post I came across some interesting recipe ideas combining mango with my new find, quinoa. Quinoa Salad with Herb Marinated Shrimp and Mango and Mango Curry Quinoa Salad are two interesting ones I would love to try but I think I’ll have to wait until the husband is away for business for something. ;~)

If you are looking for other ways to cut mango or want to see a illustrations of this technique, check out freshmangos.com, they have a great write up.

P.S. Sorry about the background noise, I totally forgot the TV was on!

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  1. swizzlepop

    I LOVE mango! I grew up eating them. It’s probably a little messy but you can eat the flesh off the seed as well. I used to love to do that as a child. I think your cubing technique is the easiest and least messy. My mom learned how to do that when I was like 10 and prior to that she would just cut the 2 sides and then the 2 “big pieces” and we’d just eat the mango out of the skin, almost like you do an orange, only bigger. I still eat them that way because it’s faster but cubing is much neater. Not sure if you have tried it yet, but mango is super yummy in smoothies and in yogurt. I think your ice cream recipe would be awesome with mango.




  3. Kathy

    Every new mom should see this video and be reassured that children really will eat fresh fruits and vegetables if they are introduced to them and allowed to participate in their preparation. Good for both of you!

  4. Barbi

    I love mango as well, in fact I have one ripening in the fruit basket right now.

    Great job! The toddler is soooo cute his chant of “My mango, my mango, my mango” had me cracking up! And he became extremely quiet after he got his piece to eat!

    Mango salsas are great to go with grilled fish!

  5. Honi

    I seriously love this blog.. I am going today to the store and getting my zuchini so i can do that pizza thing I keep forgetting my zuchini.. we are suppose to have a snow event here tomorrow.. so while everyone else is eating junk I GET PIZZA the healthy way .. YAY.. ohhh sheesh I love mangos too.. I want to try a mango salsa recipe just have not found a good one yet..

  6. Jamie

    I totally love your video posts….the more you have with the toddler, the better!!! I love your site and all your food ideas. I can’t tell you how many foods I have ventured out on because of you. Thanks!!

  7. Dev

    I’ve always been intimidated by Mangoes as well, and I love them. I usually end up buying the presliced ones from Costco, but more times than not they taste woody to me. Thanks so much for the tips, Roni!

  8. AlliJag

    I bought a mango this weekend at Trader Joe’s after being inspired by your post. Well, really, after being inspired by your son. The kid really does LOVE magnoes, and if a toddler likes them, they have to be good right? :) Too cute “my mango my mango my mango” – thanks for all the great tips Roni!

  9. vickie

    Would you please start another category and add the taco seasoning list of ingredients (so I can always find it easily)? maybe call this one condiments?

    Also – after you did your zucchini pizza’s – I remembered that I used to cut the zucchini down the middle, hollow out the center a bit and use the “boat” to make a mock-potato skin. I crunched up Rye Crisp Crackers, added browned low fat turkey sausage, used some of the “center” of the zucchini chopped up, and pepper jack cheese. REALLY good. Please feel free to try these and add your own Roni touch and add them to your listing if you like.

  10. roni

    vickie – Great idea on the condiment category! But the for the taco stew I just used the packaged stuff. Next time I make tacos I’ll whip up a spice combination and post it.

    LOVE the idea on the zucchini boats as well. I just might use that! :~D

  11. Helen

    Roni, after watching your post I went out and bought mangos for the first time! When cutting the cubes out of the skin, a disposable plastic knife worked great on a ripe mango. I even got my preschooler to at least try it! (okay, he barely touched the tip of his tongue to it but it’s a start!) Thanks again for all your time and inspiration!

  12. Amanda

    You have inspired me to branch out and try a mango! I saw them at the store last week but I hadn’t watched the video yet so I was a bit skeptical so I didn’t buy one. I will be getting one this week. :) I think my toddler will love it too.

    The last time I was in Cancun they had mango margaritas–I bet they were good and darn I didn’t try them! :)

    And my MIL calls green peppers mangos. Confused the HECK out of me when I first started cooking. I have NO IDEA why she does this and we’ve even corrected her but she still does it.

  13. Noel

    This is the way I cut mango, only instead of flipping it open and plucking pieces with me fingers (I am usually packing it for my lunch to go), I use a spoon to scoop the chunks out after I’ve done the checkerboard thing. Just slide the spoon in below the skin, super easy.

  14. Grete

    My husband and I just watched the video – (he’s embarrassed that I’m writing that) – and we were entertained by how excited Ryan was when you flipped it inside out!

    Random question: You said at the end you were going to the gym… out of curiosity, what does a toddler do while you’re there?

  15. Amanda

    Ok, Roni, I branched out last weekend and tried a mango.




    We loved it!!!!! My toddler loved it so much! At the store this past weekend, I bought 2 and we had one for breakfast this morning. Oh my, they are so good!!

    I have a hard time b/c for YEARS I have only known a mango as a green pepper (something my MIL calls them) so it’s hard to wrap my brain around, but I am getting there! They are so good and so sweet!!!

  16. Nathalie

    Hey Roni!
    As usual i’m late catching up with your blog….
    I lurvvvvve Mangoes, i practically grew up eating them as my mum used to cut them up for us exactly like you do :)
    The other week i bought a little box of like 2 Mangoes in it and with them came a really cool utensil to cut the mango. It looks a bit like the tool you get to cut hard boiled eggs but only bigger and for the shape of a mango, so cutting them up is really so easy now, sweet :)
    The toddler was way cute in the video by the way.
    Keep it up, you rock

  17. Laura

    Roni! Thanks so much for the great video! I attempted to cut a mango about 2 years ago for my then baby, and it was a fiasco! I even called my mother on the phone and tried to get instruction from her, all to no avail. I ended up with a plate of mush. Which I guess was OK for a 10 month old!

    So I thought I’d give it another shot with my now 2 year old who will only eat mac & cheese and bread products! I thought your son would inspire him, but he just spit it out the second it touched his tongue. He thought it was fun, though!

    I blogged about it here:

    link to the-adventures-of-noah-j.blogspot.com

  18. Laura K

    THANK YOU! I have just been hacking at the mango and almost crying over the frustration! I never had a mango until I moved here to Holland (I’m from Iowa) and because of the cutting I was paying almost 3x the cost of a mango to get them already cut in a package! Now thanks to you I can save money!

    My son has a form of autism (he’s almost 5 now) and has sensory issues including with food. I’m trying to introduce him to more things that are healthy and it’s not easy! I just watched this video with him thinking if he saw how fun you made it, he might want to give it a try.

    So far he says no but I will buy one soon and cut it like you did and see if I can at least get him to watch. Often I CAN get him to take one bite of something new and I just know if he tastes mango he’ll love it.

    To me mango is like the world’s perfect food. I feel like I’m taken to another place when I eat it.

    I’m so glad I found your blog last night! It was on ‘food and drink blogs-blog top sites’ I am trying to find some good recipe blogs to add more variety to our dinners and I love that you provide videos! I bookmarked it right away!

    Ryan is ADORABLE and you seem so sweet!

    Thank you for taking time to help all of us moms around the world!

  19. Veronica

    Oooooooooohhhh…that’s how you do it! Well, that makes perfect sense. I have committed unspeakable acts of violence against many mangos while trying to navigate that pit. That video is much appreciated :)

    Ryan made me think of my own little guy…so cute.

  20. Cindy

    Wow! You just made my life easier – I used to peel them first then try to cut the slippery bugger into pieces – I’ll be more likely to add this to my weekly fruits (on sale now 10 for 10!) since they will be much less cumbersome to enjoy now!

    Also – what a throwback! Ryan is such a tiny little guy in that video! So sweet that you have these to look back on with him when he is older :)

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