Cheesy Zucchini Tomato Bake
Cheesy Zucchini Tomato Bake - on plate

Mom did it again and dropped off a zucchini the size of a baseball bat — click here to see her harvest from a few years ago.

I love it!

Zucchini is one of my favorite vegetables because it’s so versatile and makes a great recipe bulker, increasing serving sizes of things like chili without adding much to the calorie count.

My inspiration for this dish came from that new bottle of sriracha I’m currently obsessed with.


I told you. I can’t get enough of this stuff!

I decided to make a spicy, cheesy casserole using the giant zucchini as a base. The result is sinfully delicious, and there’s really nothing to it but cheese and vegetables!

Spicy Zucchini Tomato Bake

Of course I’m the only one in my family who will eat this BUT the husband told me it looked really good. WHY you wouldn’t eat something that looked good is beyond me, but whatever, more for me.

I may try to make a less spicy version using fresh basil instead of sriracha as a side dish for the family one day.

Here’s what I did…

  • Part of a large zucchini, sliced thin (total of ~300g)
  • 1-2 beefsteak tomatoes (any large tomato will work)
  • 6 slices provolone cheese (total of ~1 oz each)
  • Kosher salt
  • Sriracha to taste

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

Spray a casserole dish with non-stick cooking spray.

Cheesy Zucchini Tomato Bake - step 1

Place a layer of sliced zucchini in the casserole dish.

Cheesy Zucchini Tomato Bake - layer 1

Top with slices of tomato and sprinkle with a bit of kosher salt.

Cheesy Zucchini Tomato Bake - layer 2

Lay two slices of cheese on top and drizzle with sriracha.

Cheesy Zucchini Tomato Bake - layer 3

Note: You could use shredded cheese as well, and if you aren’t into spicy, sub the hot sauce for fresh or dried herbs such as basil, oregano and garlic.

Repeat the layers of zucchini, tomatoes, salt, cheese and sriracha. Notice, my zucchini slices aren’t uniform.

Cheesy Zucchini Tomato Bake - layer 4

Just do the best you can. This dish is very forgiving.

End with one final layer making it zucchini, tomato, cheese, zucchini, tomato, cheese, zucchini, tomato, cheese.

Cheesy Zucchini Tomato Bake - finished before cooking

Place casserole dish in the preheated oven uncovered for 25 minutes.

Cheesy Zucchini Tomato Bake - finished after cooking

At this point there will be a lot of liquid from the vegetables.

Cheesy Zucchini Tomato Bake - close up in liquid

Using a baster, extract as much as the liquid as possible and place back in the oven for 10-15 minutes until the cheese browns on top.

Extract all liquid again.

Cheesy Zucchini Tomato Bake - All finished!

Let cool for at least 5 minutes then cut into 6 pieces.

Cheesy Zucchini Tomato Bake - cut piece

Serve! Cheesy Zucchini Tomato Bake - on plate

I’m going to give the nutritional information for 6 servings even though I usually eat 2 in a sitting only because it cuts into 6 pieces so beautifully.

Here’s a shot of my leftovers warmed in the microwave. I stacked 2 servings on top of each there.

Cheesy Zucchini Tomato Bake Reheated

SO SO GOOD! Have fun!

Approx Nutritional Information per serving
Servings Amt per Serving
6 1 Cheesy Zucchini Tomato Bake square (1/6 of the recipe)
Calories Fat Fiber WWPs
115 7g 1g old: 3 new: 3
Sugar Sat Fat Carbs Protein
2g 5g 4g 8g
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11 Comments and 3 Replies

  1. Agnes

    That looks soooooo good! Thank you for sharing. I only have sad store bought zuchini at home but it’ll have to do.

  2. Gwen

    I made a similar recipe recently that called to roast the veggies first. As a result, the dish was much drier! Super tasty and a great solve for the issue.

  3. Caroline

    OMG Roni. I made this tonight and it was amazing. The only change I made was to add whole basil leaves on top of the cheese, before the sriracha. I made it for the whole family and doubled the recipe and it was still devoured. So good!!

  4. Caroline

    Oh, I also didn’t have a baster (on vacation at the beach) and so only got a small portion of the liquid drained. Didn’t matter. Still great!!

    1. roni

      Good questions! I think it’s a 9 inch casserole dish but really, you can make this any size, just layer up and drain the liquid during cooking. That’s the key.

  5. Tammy

    I made this yesterday! Didn’t use any sauce and it was still AMAZING! Used one layer of Beefsteak tomatoes and one layer of orange tomatoes. Definitely making this again!

  6. Debra

    I made this the other day in a 9×13 pan and my provolone layers looked very skimpy compared to yours in the pictures. :) I used 2 oz per layer like you said, but I think the pan was just too big. Next time I’ll try using a smaller pan; it’ll yield fewer servings at more calories (pointsplus for me) per slice, but I’m willing to live with that. :)

    1. roni

      I need to measure my pan. I have NO idea what it is. 3 gt maybe?? They need to put the size on the bottom! :) Anyway my 2 provolone slices pretty much fit across. Glad you liked it though!

  7. Laura

    This was excellent! My entire family loved it! I did mine in a 9X13 dish and I added some spicy italian sausage instead of the spicy sauce. Very filling and satisfying.

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