A Ginger Beer-less El Diablo

A Ginger Beer-less El Diablo



Yield 1 cocktail

A Ginger Beer-less El Diablo is precisely as it's called. I wanted an El Diablo. I didn't have any ginger beer so I used the next best thing, ginger ale!



Gently story the tequila, lime juice, crème de cassis, and ginger ale together and pour over ice. Garnish with a twist of orange peel.


  • If you don't have crème de cassis any sweet blackberry liquor would work too. 
  • Fresh lime juice is always better but the bottled lime juice is fine too. 
  • I don't do nutritional information for coktails. It's too confusing and I see too much conflicting data on macronutrients and calories in alcohol. 

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