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Welcome to our School Lunch Ideas page! Here I share 1-3 lunches a week I serve my gradechooler in hopes that it gives you a few ideas of your own. If you are curious click here for my lunch making strategy and here for my thoughts on feeding kids in general.

In case you are wondering, his lunch box is from There's no reason you can't make these style lunches in a traditional lunch box, we just fell in love with the reusable containers. So much so I've become an affiliate! Click the banner below to learn more...

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Leftovers Devoured! I Swear!

We were in such a rush yesterday morning I TOTALLY forgot to take a picture of his lunch box. It didn’t dawn on me until I went to post and all I had on the camera was the “after” photo.

Anyway, this is what he went to school with…

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