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Breast Milk Storage Made Easy!

A Breast Milk Storage Tip for Breastfeeding Moms

The Breast Milk Gift Bag Storage Trick

Using a regular old gift bag and your standard breast bilk storage bags you can create an easy system to store and retrieve your frozen breast milk.

Supplies Needed

Supplies for the Breast Milk Storage Technique

  • Breast milk bags (like Lansinoh Breast milk Storage Bags)
  • A gift bag large just large enough to fit the breast milk bag (most standard size ones work)
  • a pair of scissors
  • scotch tape

The Set Up

Step 1. Make sure a breast milk storage bag frozen with milk will lay flat in the gift bag.

Fill the breast milk bag with milk and lay it flat in your freezer. Once frozen, attempt to lay the flattened bag of milk on the bottom of the gift bag. If it just fits and lays flat, you are good to go!

Note: The label portion of the bag, above the ziplock (the part without milk) may be squished on the side of the bag, that's OK! As long as the frozen milk part can lay flat.

Now that you know the breast, milk can fit in your bag, remove it and return it to the freezer.

Step 2. Cut a dispensing slit on the bottom of the gift bag

Using the scissors cut a slit on the side of the gift bag just high enough where a frozen breast milk bag can be pulled out. Use the scotch tape to protect the edges of the slot.

Lay your frozen breast milk bags in the gift bag where the label portion can be seen through the slot.

Cut 1 in gift bagcut 2 in gift bag

Step 3. Store away!

Now the gift bag can be used to not only store your breast milk that is frozen flat but it also acts as a dispenser allowing you to use the older milk first.

You now have a simple breast milk storage dispenser for your freezer! The best part is, the milk is stored flat for fast defrosting.

Finished Breast Milk DispenserFinished breast milk dispenser in freezer

Hope you find the trick useful. If you have any questions or tips you want to share please let me know.

My Story

For me, breastfeeding my newborn was very important. It was something I needed to do even though I had NO idea how I would do it. I researched online visited a lot of sites and message boards for support and milked (excuse the pun) the breast milk consultant at the hospital for as much information as I could before they sent me home with my newborn baby boy.

I am very proud to say I became a breastfeeding mom! It was great! But then I was faced with a new challenge, how to store my pumped breast milk?

There are many gadgets out there to help but I found most of them take up more room then I could afford in my freezer. So I came up with my own!

I hope you find this technique as useful as I did.

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