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Grilled Cheese With Avocado and Chicken

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This month’s official California Avocado Commission assignment was simply:

A sandwich.

Immediately I had an image of a grilled cheese with avocado. I mean, grilled cheeses are already yummy and indulgent, add a little avocado and it just takes it to a whole new level.

Another Grilled Cheese with Avocado and ChickenI decided to turn up the yumminess even more and use bacon because…

Bacon + Avocado = Awesomeness!

The cool thing is you don’t need much bacon or avocado to make things awesome. Just a touch of both turns a pretty standard grilled cheese into a super satisfying meal.

Here’s what I did…

  • 1 slice of raw bacon
  • 1/4 California avocado
  • Pinch of red pepper flakes
  • Pinch of kosher salt
  • 2 slices of whole wheat bread
  • Handful of mixed greens
  • 1 ounce leftover chicken breast (deli turkey would be fine too — I’ve just been in a groove of cooking extra protein for leftovers)
  • 1 oz sharp Cheddar cheese, grated (I used Vermont Cheddar thanks to Cabot!)

Cut the bacon slice in half and cook in a small non-stick skillet.

cooking bacon

While the bacon is cooking mash the avocado with the red pepper flakes and salt.

Once the bacon gets nice and crisp remove it from the skillet and set it aside on a paper towel. Keep the skillet over the heat but lower to medium-low. Don’t remove the bacon fat.

Spread the mashed avocado on one slice of bread, top with the mixed greens, chicken, cheese and then add the bacon slices.

grilled cheese before it's cooked

Take the second slice of bread and dip it really quick into the bacon fat in the skillet. Then place it on top of the sandwich bacon fat side up — this is my way of “buttering” the bread.

Place the whole sandwich in the skillet (dry bread slice down) and cover.

grilled cheese cooking

This helps melt the cheese while the bread is crisping up — I’m a slow and low grilled cheese maker.

After about 5 minutes (or when the bottom bread slice gets nicely browned) carefully flip and cook for another 5 minutes or until golden brown.

Finished Grilled cheese.

That’s it! Remove from heat, cut in half and marvel at its awesomeness!

Grilled Cheese with Avocado and Chicken

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to make a plain, boring old grilled cheese again!

Approx Nutritional Information per serving
Servings Amt per Serving
1 Entire Recipe
Calories Fat Fiber WWPs
405 24g 5g old: 9 new: 11
Sugar Sat Fat Carbs Protein
4g 8g 28g 25g

Full Disclosure: I am working with the California Avocado Commission. They sponsored this post and provided the Avocados. I am also part of the Cabot Cheese board who provided the cheese. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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    Joshua Hampton

    June 4, 2015

    I'm sure I won't be able to go back to plain old grilled cheese after eating something as scrumptious as that grilled cheese with avocado and chicken.