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Burger Salad With Fresh Herbs and Feta

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In the summer I’m a salad girl all the way. With the extra variety in fresh produce I find turning my favorite meals into salads an easy way to get more veggies in.

On the flip side, cheeseburgers are HUGE in my house. I like to grill and the TEN-year-old (he just celebrated his birthday on Monday — time is FLYING)  loves them so they make a great mid-week meal option.

Normally I make my Sriracha-Dressed Bacon Cheeseburger Salad on family burger night, but last night, I wanted something different.

Earlier I had a conversation with a friend who mentioned feta turkey burgers and I couldn’t get the thought of feta out of my head. So I decided to build a new cheeseburger salad with feta as the inspiration.

Burger Salad with Fresh Herbs and FetaThe result was fantastic! So simple, too, I just had to share. I’ve never used herbs this way in a salad before. They really bumped up the flavor!

  • 1/2 tsp honey (10g)
  • 1 tbsp red wine vinegar
  • Pinch of kosher salt and pepper
  • About 2 cups of baby spinach
  • 1/2 cup packed fresh basil leaves
  • 1/4 cup packed fresh mint leaves
  • 1/4 of a large cucumber, chopped
  • 1/2 red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 oz feta cheese
  • 1 grilled burger patty (4 ounces lean meat)

Whisk together the honey, vinegar, salt and pepper to make a simple dressing. Set aside.

Toss the spinach, basil and mint together and tear the leaves to make bite-sized pieces.

Pile the spinach and herbs on a plate and top with the cucumbers, peppers and cheese.

Top with the cooked burger patty, drizzle on the dressing and dig in!

Plate of Burger Salad with Fresh Herbs and Feta\

I’m a rare/medium-rare girl myself and I was super happy with my burger cooking skills this week.

Burger Salad with Fresh Herbs and Feta Close up

I’ve been getting better. :)

You can, of course, use any type of burger patty you like. I’m calculating based on a 4-ounce grilled beef burger 85% lean.

Approx Nutritional Information per serving
Servings Amt per Serving
1 Entire Recipe
Calories Fat Fiber WWPs
390 22g 4g old: 9 new: 10
Sugar Sat Fat Carbs Protein
14g 10g 20g 30g

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    June 20, 2015

    I gaving up wheat for 6 weeks ( mostly processed food) so I can jump start my body--I needed to try something. So I checked out both salads and I want to try both of them.

    Joshua Hampton

    June 23, 2015

    This salad is right up my wife's alley. I'd prefer an actual burger in a bun, but I'd be happy to eat salads like this too.

    Bookworm Inkorporated

    June 30, 2015

    This looks great! I have been trying to eat less and less bread, but it is tough to when burgers are so alluring. This is a great solution.