Variety is the Spice of Toddler Lunches


  • Cubed baked ham
  • Cheese stick
  • Red bell pepper strips
  • Plantain chips
  • Edamame

What Came Home?


Sorry I’ve been slow on the lunch idea sharing. The 8-year-old really only brings 2 things anymore (hard boiled eggs and cheese & crackers) so there hasn’t been anything really new to share than what’s already posted — click here to check them out. 

As for the 2-year-old, I’m still trying to figure him out. He’s a bit pickier than his brother was at this age BUT he’s way less stubborn so it’s much easier to get him to try new things when he eats with us. However, sending him to daycare with lunch is more of a challenge as they aren’t quite as strict as Mommy.

I’ve been trying to follow my traditional lunch approach while giving him a lot of options. This particular lunch went over pretty well. He’s grown to love peppers just like me and his older brother. We are raw pepper fanatics! :)

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  1. Elizabeth

    My daughter is getting pretty picky. She wouldn’t mind the healthier version of a lunchable, or boiled eggs, tuna sandwiches, salads, etc. Now all she requests are bologna sandwiches. In her 6 years of living I’ve never given her a bologna sandwich, since I’m not a fan of bolgona. I still make sure I pack a fruit and some veggies. Plus, I picked up on your trick and make her keep everything in her bag so I can see what she ate and didn’t eat.

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