Don’t Sleep on Lima Beans!


  • Canned lima beans
  • Cheese stick
  • Carrot sticks
  • Triscuits

What Came Home?


Canned beans are big in my house. I find them convenient not only for dinners but as a quick toddler finger food. Both my boys eat pretty much any bean I put in front of them, even the dreaded lima.

I buy unsalted or low sodium when I find them but mostly a regular old can of lima beans, drained and rinsed, works great as a base for the 2-year-old’s lunch.

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    1. roni

      I LOVE them frozen the kids? Not so much. So I went back to bags. I think the over cooked texture is what’s working for the 2 year old at the moment.

  1. Rick

    I can’t lie, I actually love the taste of lima beans. I love them in salads with a nice french dressing. Mmm! I like the smaller lima beans, the giant one I haven’t tried though. I know….I’m a bit odd, but I just love them.

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