Adventures in Healthier Eating with 2 Kids and a Picky Husband

Leftovers Devoured!

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  • Leftover chicken thigh pieces
  • Leftover broccoli
  • Leftover brown rice

What Came Home?


Even the daycare workers commented on this lunch. They were shocked he cleaned his plate with all that good food.

It’s funny. I can feed him the same exact meal tomorrow and he’ll turn his nose up at it. Today he ate dinner like a champ. Last week I wanted to pull my hair out. He’s fickle and I just need to remind myself daily to stay strong. It worked on his older brother who’s a fairly adventurous eater compared to other 8-year-olds I know.

Yikes, I just called him 8. His birthday is in TWO DAYS.

My boys are getting big!

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