Bigger Lunch/More Leftover


  • Leftover Chicken Tender with Honey Mustard dipping sauce
  • Granola
  • Cherry Yogurt
  • Carrots
  • Clementine
  • Water

What Came Home?


I’ve been trying to send the 7 year old to school with bigger lunches and more options because, well, he eats like a horse at home, but when I do most of it comes home like yesterday.

I guess it’s better that he has enough so he’s not hungry but I hate wasting food!

I just have to find the happy medium.

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  1. Tina

    My 8yo and 6yo eat like horses at home…but not at lunch, and come home starrrrrving. Their explanation…the longer they take to eat the less recess they get. So they grab a few bites and head outside. :o(

  2. Caroline

    My kids eat the bare minimum from their lunch box (usually half a sandwich) so that they can go outside and play. They usually finish the rest of their lunch on the way home from school because of course they are starving by that point.

  3. johanna

    love seeing the before and after. Gives me great ideas, and ideas that kids don’t have to be overfed. I mean I remember when i was young we really didnt eat a lot. but, it seems like my brain knows kids don’t need to eat much but my insides say they need to eat. IT’s hard to find a balance. You give your kids great options besides boring sandwiches and a snack. I love it. WE are so lucky to have blogging today. I think its like how the we use to have family to do that but families just aren’t like they use to be. And I love getting ideas from other moms. It helps me so much.

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