The Lonely Yolk

School Lunch Ideas

  • 2 Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Cubed Watermelon
  • Carrot Chips
  • Whole Grain Gold Fish
  • Water
  • Snack: Fruit Roll Up (not pictured)

What Came Home?

School Lunch Ideas

The lonely yolk makes another appearance.

First, let me say, Little Guy LOVES hard boiled eggs in his lunch. It’s one of his favorites. And as a mom of a kid who doesn’t like sandwiches, it’s a life saver. It took me a few years to convince him the yolks were good enough to eat and I’m happy I got him half way there, but one day I hope to see no more lonely yolk in his lunch box. :)

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  1. roni

    I agree! BUt I have found if you cook them right they are creamy! 12-13 minute max after that they get dry and after 15 they get the green effect and he won’t touch them. lol

  2. michelle

    I didn’t know you could cook them less than 20 minutes, or that it would change the yolk consistency, thank you! My boys love hard boiled eggs and I keep them in the fridge for snacks, I’ll start doing the lesser cook time!

  3. jamie

    Ok so i was looking at the picture and couldn’t work out what the carrots were , to me if looked looked like salmon, as i read the description i saw “Whole Grain Gold Fish” i went cold for a second…… feed your kid gold fish?

    I have a 8 year old son that takes pack lauches in to school and having found your site hes goning to be the envy of his friends

    Thanks for the great ideas

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