Cheesy Butternut Stack
Butternut Squash Stack Featured Image

Yesterday this idea smacked me across the face. I was looking for something to eat, noticed my huge butternut on the counter, and realized I haven’t posted a Laughing Cow Recipe idea in awhile. Then I thought…

hmpf, cheese and butternut… they go together. Right? Why not. Let’s try something different.

This idea was born.

Cheesy Butternut StackLet me tell you —now, after I’ve eaten this— cheese and butternut squash DO go together and this was the perfect dish to satisfy the melted cheese craving I’ve had for days!

Here’s what I did…

  • 4 Thin Slices from the top of a butternut squash each about 1/4 inch thick
  • 1 Mini Babybel Light Round
  • About 1 tsp olive oil
  • Pinch of Kosher Salt
  • Pinch of dried Rosemary

Preheat the broiler on High.

Cut the butternut squash in slices. You want it thin but not too thin that it falls apart, and thick but not too thick it won’t cook up fast. About 1/4 inch worked perfectly.

Cheesy Butternut Stack - cut/slice

Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Drizzle the oil over the squash rounds and rub in. Sprinkle both sides with salt and rosemary,

Cheesy Butternut Stack - oil

Place under the broiler on the top most rack and cook for about 4-5 minutes a side until the edges start to burn and the squash softens. Note: keep an eye on them, they cook fast!

Cheesy Butternut Stack - under broiler

While the squash is cooking, cut the Mini Babybel..

Cheesy Butternut Stack - mini babybel

…into 3 round slices.

Cheesy Butternut Stack - cut cheese

Pull the squash out of the oven. Turn off the broiler.

Cheesy Butternut Stack - roasted


Cheesy Butternut Stack - stacked

Squash, cheese, squash, cheese, squash, cheese, squash.

Place back on the cookie sheet and in the warm over for about 2 minutes.

Cheesy Butternut Stack - back in the oven

No need to turn it on. There will be enough heat leftover to melt the cheese.

Cheesy Butternut Stack - done

Just look at it for a minute. So pretty, no?

Cheesy Butternut Stack - close up

And fun!

Cheesy Butternut Stack - cut

And Cheesy!!

Cheesy Butternut Stack - last one


Approx Nutritional Information per serving
Servings Amt per Serving
1 Entire Recipe
Calories Fat Fiber WWPs
200 8g 5g old: 4 new: 5
Sugar Sat Fat Carbs Protein
5g 2g 28g 8g

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18 Comments and 0 Replies

  1. Eileen

    Funny you posted this right as I was on pinterest looking up recipes for butternut squash! I just came across a crusted butternut squash one that interested me. I wonder if my hubby would like this…

  2. Karen

    Not sure if you have a good receipe for home made mac n cheese and if you ever heard of chicken riggies…Just trying to find a lighter version of both…

  3. Diane

    I tried this for dinner tonight and it was delicious! Really delicious! I did peel the squash first. The cheese melted before I could even get the pan back into the oven. I used The Laughing Cow wedges I had on hand and they worked well. Yummy!

  4. roni

    Margaret & Mo – I didn’t peel it. I started leaving the skin on this year and it softens nicely when roasted. I actually really like it that way. But you can peel of course. The easiest way would be to just take a peeler to the round once cut.

  5. Ashley

    I thought this was going to have easily 400+ calories, surprised it has so little. Although I did think there was a lot more cheese in here.

  6. roni

    Karen – Sorry, I don’t do mac and cheese but I know there a lot of recipes that use butternut squash. I also don’t know what a chicken riggie is but I’m about to google it!! :)

  7. chrisstina

    Hi! This looks delicious and I will DEFINITELY be trying it! In terms of points though, if a light mini babybel is only 1 wwpp, and butternut squash is free, how come it’s 5ppts? I’m probably just having a bit of a blonde moment, but can you explain? Thanks!

  8. roni

    chrisstina – I use the nutritional info to calculate. If you put this in the recipe builder you’ll probably get the same. I’d rather be safe than sorry and post points too low but feel free to count it anyway you like. Hope you like it!


  9. roni

    I use the nutritional info to calculate. If you put this in the recipe builder you’ll probably get the same. I’d rather be safe than sorry and post points too low but feel free to count it anyway you like.

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