The Lunch That Launched a New Rule

School Lunch Ideas

  • Leftover Baked Fish Sticks
  • Leftover Edamame
  • Carrot sticks
  • Small grapes
  • Water
  • Snack: Oats and Honey Granola Bar

What Came Home?

School Lunch Ideas

So after all the fresh foods came back (note: the edamame were all eaten, those are just the shells) we had a little talk. I reminded him about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and told him if he doesn’t eat more variety at lunch then I won’t allow him to buy on his “special” days.

Even after all my consistency these last 7 years of offering him lots of different healthy foods he still falls right in line with typical kid food fare (pizza, chicken nuggets, fish sticks) as his first choice. I can only hope my constant harping on the food thing will pay off when he’s an adult.

Please tell me it will. *sigh*

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  1. Amy

    Just remember that like all of us, he’s going to get off track somedays. I’m sure he’ll do better today, especially after “the talk”.
    Have a great day!

  2. Sam

    ::looks down at the frozen fish sticks she is eating for lunch::
    ::looks guilty::

    ::looks over at the fresh salad she bought to go with said fish sticks::
    ::feels better::

  3. Violet

    It will pay off. I was forced to eat the “good for you” food as a kid. It was especially hard to get me to drink milk – didn’t like it then, don’t like it now. But I know it’s important for my body, so I find ways to incorporate it into my diet.

  4. Diane in Wisconsin

    Two boys – 50% one became more picky when he got on his own because he could eat what he wanted; one is a healthy eater. Same gene pool, same upbringing.

    I felt like a failure then I decided 50% wasn’t bad.

  5. lauren

    I think he simply was full after eating the granola bar and fish sticks!!!! those bars are filling!

    I think your talk was great…reminding him of healthy foods!!! It’s a good compromise: sometimes school food and sometimes a lunch from home: keep in mind: you feed him such good food every day for breakfast and dinner so if lunch is a little off, the healthy stuff still wins!!!! :)

  6. Ella

    Just be careful he doesn’t start to feel guilty about bringing it home and starts throwing the veggies out. (I totally did that in elementary school.)

  7. nancy

    Had new mac&cheese at school today.
    All grains served have to be whole grains now in Ky.
    So the pasta was whole wheat–surprising (school is Pre-school through 8 grade)the big kids ate it but the little ones didn’t.

  8. Diandra

    If you’re not lucky, you will achieve exactly the opposite – a young adult who eats whatever he wants because “no one can make him have veggies”. Maybe you won’t. Hard to tell.

    Does involving the kids in preparing the lunch boxes (shopping, cutting etc.) make a difference?

  9. roni

    I don’t really MAKE him eat anything, I strongly suggest and he decides based on the consequences. I do think it makes a difference. He’s always been involved since toddlerhood.

  10. barb

    just keep doing what you are doing. did he choose the sides to go with the fish sticks? the important thing is that he brings home what he doesn’t eat. we have our son eat his leftovers as after school snack or part of dinner. ours is now 11 and packing his own lunch and as long as we have good choices in the house, he picks them – yahoo – guess we must have done something right!

  11. Jennifer Morris

    At least he hasn’t figured out to just throw away the food he doesn’t want yet! Then you will need to worry every time it comes home empty too! Good luck

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