First Ever GreenLiteBites Live!

Join me (and the kids) tonight as I attempt, yes ATTEMPT, cooking dinner live on camera. On the menu will be some kind of chicken rice concoction. I’m purposely winging it to show you it’s possible to make dinner, in a pinch, while entertaining kids, from freezer to plate in about 1/2 hour. This is my mission. :)

UPDATE Post show
It was SO MUCH fun. I completed my mission BUT I started a half hour early as I wanted to get familiar with everything. If you are only interested in the actually cooking part of the show fast forward exactly 26 minutes in. That’s when I really start the food portion.

Below the video is a picture of the final dish.

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  1. Melissa

    I really did like the live show, although I wasn’t present for the live presentation, because it really helped as far as taking steps (you can call it hand holding). The kids were GREAT but also a bit distracting, entertaining, & educational (i.e. how does one do it “all” & how do I manage this spreecast?).

    Thanks – it was fun!

  2. Sam

    Loved this! Very fun and entertaining! Love your boys, I have 2 of my own and my very own Evan as well =) … Love to see how a “real mom” gets it done and puts a healthy, hot meal on the table.

    Great job!!

  3. Brenda

    Loved the video but I also appreciate your condensed version. I will definitely make your fried rice but the extended activities with your kids made it more extended than I would prefer to watch in the future. I would prefer a more edited version. :)

  4. roni

    That is an issue.. there’s is a lot of stuff I edit out because it simply takes time. Time that I would have to fill in some way if I use this format.

    That being said the whole first 26 minutes of this would not be the norm at all. It was purely learning time on my part. So this video would have been only 30 minutes which is about the length of my traditional videos.

    However… I could only use this format for things that I can make in that amount of time. I couldn’t, for example roast a chicken that would take an hour and fill the gap. It would be too much.

    So I may use both. This format for short ideas I can make within 10-30 minutes and then I can use traditional video I can edit out lengths of time for more involved ideas.

    EIther way.. it’s fun to experiment! :)

  5. Lori

    I LOVED this format. I also loved the boys in the background. It was not at all distracting for me but I have 2 boys of my own (3 and 6) and it very much reminded me of my own home at dinner time. I think this dish looks very good. I will try it with rice and noodles since one will eat rice but not noodles and of course the other is the opposite. I love that you used still frozen chicken since a lot of times I forget until it is so late in the day to defrost something.

  6. Nancy

    Great video!
    If you want chopped fresh onion quickly, the Vidalia Chop Wizard is a life saver. I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond I think.

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