Adventures in Healthier Eating with 2 Kids and a Picky Husband

My New Ham Trick

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  • Whole Grain Ritz with a smear of The Laughing Cow Swiss and a square of deli ham
  • Watermelon cubes
  • Cocoa almonds
  • Baby yellow peppers
  • Water

What Came Home?

School Lunch Ideas

Little Guy and I both love ham. I normally make it 1-2 a month for dinner and then use the leftovers for lunch, but this time I asked the deli counter to give me 2 thick (about 1/4 of an in) slices of their premium honey ham that was on sale. He saw it and said, “This is that ham I love! Can I have it in my lunch more?

Ok, then!

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    March 3, 2012

    It is so encouraging and inspiring to me when I see all the good things your son eats (usually-lol)! It is such a credit to you as a Mom that he gobbles up peppers and cucumbers along with the fruit, etc. You've always made trying new vegetables, etc, fun for him with the videos and I think that has made an impact. When I was a kid, I was mortified when my Mom sent me to school with vegetables. It actually embarrassed me b/c no other kids had them and some times they made fun of me. Times, they are a-changin'! Reply


    March 3, 2012

    Love those cocoa almonds. Reply


    March 4, 2012

    I try not to give my kids (or myself) "whole grain" Ritz too often, even though they ask for it, because it only contains 5gm whole grain. It's not even the first ingredient! My new favorite is "hint of salt" wheat thins. They recently changed their recipe to be 100% whole grain. Reply


    March 4, 2012

    They aren't my go-to cracker Triscuit thins are, but when I buy Ritz I still go with the whole grain variety. To me it's more about showing the brands that we want more whole grains in our foods then anything else. As Michael Pollan says (at least I think it was him) I'm "voting" when I buy products and I vote for whole varieties over non every time. I have stayed away from Wheat Thins because they never offered a whole grain option until recently. Plus they are like crack to me. lol Once I start I can't stop. Reply