Book Giveaway: My Two Year Old Eats Octopus
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I can’t say enough good things about this book. The author doesn’t hit you over the head with stead fast rules or try to sell some new catch phrase approach — if I hear the phrase baby-led weaning one more time my head is going to explode — she simple shares her thoughts, experiences and advice in a very easy to read, digestible way. It gave me a lot to think about and helped me approach things from a different angle quite a few times.

Book Giveaway: My Two Year Old Eats Octopus

I’ve had 2 extra copies of My Two-Year-Old Eats Octopus sitting on my desk for well over a year. It’s time to spread the love. Leave a comment below to be entered for a chance to win one of the copies. I’m giving away the other copy on Baby’s First Year so click here and leave a comment there for a second chance.

I’m shipping. There are no location restrictions. I’ll pick a winner next week.

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  1. Priya Sreeram

    the book sounds fun- would love to read it ! My 3 yr old is going through a phase of extremes- at times he is open to finishing everything on plate and at others he refuses to even see what’s on his plate; thanks for this giveaway

  2. Luiza

    Hi Roni, I’ve been following your blog for quite some time and I love your ideas. Since I live in Brazil I have to change the recipes to the ingredients I find! I’d love to get the book!

  3. Pam E

    My two year old eats the same thing all the time. #2 comes this summer and I’m ready for her to be different and eat anything!

  4. Pam R

    I love the title of the book! I also love the idea. I have 2 kids that will eat some of the most bizarre things on the planet but refuse simple things like roast beef and chicken.

  5. Briana

    My 5 year old is picky. Ketchup on everything, no ground beef of any kind. My 16 month old is hit or miss. Would like a new approach at this so my baby isn’t as picky as her sister.

  6. jackie

    Hi Roni. Please consider me to win this book. I’ve bern mostly silently stalking your sites and pimp out this one as well as frequently check your baby blog. I always struggle with my weight and eating healthy and have been mostly making my own baby food to make sure that my baby gets the best. So far he’s been very open and eats pretty much everything but I heard that all that can change quickly. I hope it doesn’t change fir us but I’d sure be interested in getting any additional help I could in this endeavor. Thanks for the consideration and for sharing so much with us all.


  7. Georgia

    Oh yay!! Ever since you mentioned this upcoming giveaway (back when I asked about this book) I’ve been waiting in eager expectation. I’m sooo glad I caught it! (I just got back from out of town/no computer). I really really hope our little girl (7 months now) eats like yours!

  8. Angeline

    My friend and I were just discussing kids eating habits. It doesn’t all have to be chicken nuggets and Mac n cheese, but we were feeling a little lost getting there. What a great book! Looking forward to checking it out.

  9. Sue Richmond

    My almost 3 year old grand daughter eats only chicken nuggets and yogurt. Seriously. She will NOT touch a fruit or vegetable without making a gagging sound and scrunching her face in disgust. Oh, okay, she will eat peanut butter by the gob-ful and ravioli…but only certain times. Once my daughter discovers something she likes, then she won’t eat it again. We need HELP!

  10. Melissa

    I sooooo need this my 2 yr old. Was a good eater but is now taking after his big brother. Maybe it would work for both of them. SIGH….

  11. Tonya White

    I have failed in the food and nutrition department with my 6 year old. I would love a second chance with my baby due on St. Patty’s Day. We have to figure something out this time around!!

  12. leigh bridenbaugh

    I NEED this book. My six year old used to eats everything and my 23 month old eats under ten things. I need help!!!

  13. Jennifer Decker

    I would love this book!!! My oldest is actually more of a picky eater than my youngest, but they both could benefit!!

  14. Heather

    Oh my goodness…this sounds like a wonderful book! I’m trying desperately to make sure my 1-year-old continues to eat everything unlike his 4-year-old sister who is often unimpressed with my food choices for her!

  15. Jamie

    I have a 4 and a 6 year old that still will not touch it unless its easy like cheese, Gogurt, pb&j, granola bar etc. When I actually make a real meal they will not touch it. Vegetables are the problem of course. I love fruits and vegetables and eat them at every meal and my boys still want nothing to do with them. HELP!!!!!!!

  16. heather

    would love to get someone else’s take on this. my 2.5 year old ate a pretty good variety, but lately she won’t eat things she used to love – avocado, eggs, yogurt, oranges, jammy sammies, etc. i can’t figure it out.

  17. Lara Gustafson

    Hi Mrs. Greenlitebites. Desperately seek a foods that I can serve my 2, 5 and 6 year olds that I will also eat. Like you I have just lost 85 lbs and have the body I did when I was in high school plus am very fit and have kept it off a year now. But every day and night I serve my family a meal that I will not eat. I would like to but it is food that is not as healthy as I would make for myself. My 2 and 5 year old will eat pancakes, mac and cheese, peanut butter sand etc…Sometimes I sneak spinach and pumpkin into the pancakes..I follow your blog religiously and eat the same things you do. (I am even on the Kale band wagaon this week). I just can’t get my kids to eat what I eat. HELP!!!

  18. Bre

    Giving it the ‘ol college try to win this book. As I said on Babble, my 10 month old hates to be fed purees so it’s tough to be creative with his pallet.

  19. Samantha

    I need this book!!! My almost 4 year old is such a picky eater and we have tried it all and my husband is at the end of his rope. Please pick me and help us have peaceful meals again!

  20. Kelly L

    I would love to win this book. I have a toddler that is ok with her eating and would love to get her to try and eat more different types of foods.

  21. JenByTheSea

    3 yr old is starting to get real picky (used to eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING) LDD is just starting solids. Would love to read this book!

  22. Joey

    My 8 year old refuses so many foods. I also have a 13 month old who is just now trying new foods. I’d like this book so I can avoid going wrong with this one, and also maybe pick up some tips to make my oldest a little more adventurous in the eating department

  23. Michele Raptosh

    Absolutely love this idea.. it is amazing how important it is to start your children on the right foot.. what we do now molds them for the future and your entire existance and health and happiness is dependant on a good and well balanced diet. We always seem to fall into what is easiest and what our kids will eat rather than doing the difficult thing as encouraging them to eat a variety of food simply for convience. I would love to read this books insight as to how to have it all.. a creative way of introducing healhy and different foods to our children!

  24. Alexandra

    Hi I would LOVE to win this book I have a 3 month old and def DON’T want him to be like my 9yr old who doesn’t want to eat anything, and all these yrs have been a war with him everytime he has to eat, I’m desperate because there’s no way I could get him to eat more, example for lunch he eats a pb sandwich w/ water and @ home he only eats nuggets, pizza & only water & I don’t want my baby to grow the same way! Please help me!

  25. Melissa

    I would love to have this book; my one year-old will eat anything, but his four year-old brother likes chicken nuggets and tater tots.

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