Produce Pick: Parsnip [video]

We pulled out the camera for a good old fashioned produce pick video. Up this week: Parsnips!

This is another one of those vegetables that are just not on my radar for some reason. I never remember having them growing up, and honestly I don’t think I ever tried one. I didn’t know what I was missing!

Note: The Little Guy asked if I can make them for dinner AND Little Bean ended up eating 3 roasted strips!

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  1. Patty

    First let me say thanks for the produce pick, I’ve missed them :)

    I’ve had parsnips in soups/stews, I can’t think of any other word but spicy to use to describe the taste too! I have to try roasting them sometime, thanks for the idea.

  2. Diane in Wisconsin

    Love parsnips. Unfortunately really love them partially cooked and then sauted in brown sugar and butter. I know that’s not the goal here so am giving that preparation up except on very special occasions.

  3. Veronica Miller

    Great pick! I’ve only made them a couple times, in soups. This last time I made PW’s Chicken Soup which has them in it-very simple and delish! I gave my dog a bowl and she even ate the parsnips! :)

  4. Kim

    I have never tried them but will be doing so especially after this video! I was cracking up at the end when you gave Evan the last strip of parsnip and you turned your head and he started eating it. Every time you looked at him he wasn’t eating it – I was sitting here saying LOOK – LOOK – and then when you caught him eating it in the end – I was laughing and glad you could go back and see the video!

    Happy NEW YEAR! :O)

  5. Valerie

    We get parsnips from time to time in our weekly harvest box. I used them in a green chile stew along with tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, and sweet potatoes (and green chiles of course) – it was a HUGE hit!!! I want to try them roasted now. [Roasting is my new fave way to make veggies - steaming is so boring now... lol]

  6. Georgia

    Roni, A long time ago you mentioned a book you read about getting your toddler to try different foods. Do you remember what that book was? I want my baby to be willing to try different foods too!

    Ironically had parsnips for the firs time last month in a roast recipe!

  7. Barbara

    First I love parsnips. WW has a recipe for autumn soap.

    and second I love watching Kevin, you were talking to us and he was eating the parsnip.
    really cute.

  8. lauramich

    OK, I tried my first parsnip last night—roasted, with some carrots. Yum! Sweet like carrots, but a little starchier. I’ve heard of people eating parsnip fries (the way you eat butternut squash fries), and I totally see how that could work.

  9. Tanie

    I love parsnips too! I found them a few months ago and bought them not knowing what they were and found out later. They are yummy- I will have to try roasting them!

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