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School Lunch Ideas

It JUST occurred to me that I could make fun tiny pancakes for his lunch. der. They are so cute and fit the container so much better!

oh! and that’s a small piece of plastic wrap because we lost the top to the small container.:(

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  1. Colleen

    Hi Roni,
    I love his lunch box. Do you think an adult sized lunch would fit in there? I’m so sick of wasting a gazillion plastic bags every day for mine.

  2. Sheri J

    Colleen, is having a clearance and a sale on their bento box sets. They show the dimensions of each item on the pages. You should be able to find something you like that will work for you.

    If not you can google “bento boxes” and look at hundreds. Most of those will have the bento size in ml which will be roughly equivalent to the # of calories you can pack into it.

    Also look at the Ms Bento system. Pricey but lots of good reviews. Hope that helps.

  3. Jenn S.

    Do the containers in the Bento Box have lids? I am looking at the yogurt and syrup and wondering how it didn’t make a mess. I love the lunchbox though… and not for a kid.. for me!

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