First Lunch After Thanksgiving

School Lunch Ideas

What Came Home?

School Lunch Ideas

I was informed he doesn’t like cucumber “that way” apparently it tastes better when cut in circles. Aaahhhh KIDS!

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  1. shandy (@webgals)

    Are you sure those are carrots? They look like red bell peppers to me. ;) Seriously though…these lunches give me great ideas. If only I’d take the time to make them…for ME. :)

  2. Josie @ Skinny Way Of Life

    looks good! my kids love quesadillas, question for you…what kind of tortilla do you recommend?? I find a lot of whole grain or whole wheat can have a gritty taste or a waxy texture (does that make sense? lol) and it turns my kids off completely. The low carb ones have a lot of fiber and seem to stay soft but I’m finding they can be high in calories. I love making them because I can hide a lot of veggies in there but they won’t eat any other kind but flour tortillas! btw they are use to whole wheat bread they just can’t handle the whole wheat tortillas hahaha

  3. Kris

    Does Ryan ever come home saying “can’t I take a lunchable, fruit snacks, snack cakes, chips etc., like the other kids?” I could just see my daughter saying that if I sent her with this lunch. Too bad the schools don’t focus their lunch menu’s on wholesome foods like this!

  4. roni

    Josie – My whole family LOVES the low carb ones from Trader Joes. I also use Flat out Bread and Ryan likes it just the same as a traditional tortilla.

  5. roni



    I subscribe to the “if I don’t but it, it’s not a choice” philosophy. He gets to pick 1 snack when we grocery shop. It’s usually fruit snacks or gushers. I’ll put them in there 1-2 a week.

    I’m not a czar with food, he gets plenty of “treats” but I also refuse to let his peers drive his lunch. We talk about the importance of a healthy lunch all the time and he helps me pick what goes in his box. Use it as a learning opportunity. Let her pick things from the different food groups. It has to be a compromise and it helps when they are involved.

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