Snack-tastic Lunch

School Lunch Ideas

  • Whole Grain Pretzels
  • Snapea Crisps
  • Red Pepper Strips
  • “Aussie Apple” (Sheri gave me this idea in the comments. Cut an apple and then put it back together held by a rubber band so it doesn’t brown. Worked like a charm!
  • Skittles (The Halloween Candy should be coming to an end soon!)
  • Water

What Came Home?

School Lunch Ideas

The “Aussie Apple” worked like a charm! He ate the whole thing with 2 front teeth and all!

As for the snack-like lunch, we made it real quick on our way out the door for the bus. Mom wasn’t on the ball. ;)

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  1. Cindy

    Yeah I like that apple idea! I used to do the lemon juice like Amy but it always changed the flavor. My mom used to cut the apple up and put a dollop of peanut butter where the core was then shove it back together. But the rubberband cuts those calories!

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