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School Lunch Ideas

What Came Home?

School Lunch Ideas

My first sandwich substitute for the Toddler isn’t going over as well as it used too. He said, “I don’t like it. The cheese squishes out.” *sigh*

He also said he had to stop eating the pear because his front teeth is too loose. There seems to always be an excuse. Doesn’t there?!

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  1. Sheri J

    Well at least he ate SOME of it YEA!

    About the pear, I saw on a website somewhere (sorry can’t fine the link) where moms in australia cut up an apple some way, then rubberband it ALL back together (like a puzzle) and it keeps the fruit from turning brown in the lunchbox. I guess you could just use an apple corer to do it and don’t discard the core. I haven’t done this but I do put my apples in a baggie with a squirt of lemon water, because I have a hard time biting with my front teeth too. This way I can eat the pieces with my molars only if that helps…

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