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Quick Sweet Potato

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When you see how fast this is you’ll never buy watered down sweet potatoes in a jar again. OK, that may be a lie, I still buy them now and then but still, this be super quick and WAY cheaper. Let’s get with the baby food making….

Wash. Yes, EVEN if it’s organic.

Baby Food: Quick Sweet Potato - step 1

Pierce. We want NO microwave potato explosions!

Baby Food: Quick Sweet Potato - step 2

Microwave it for 3 minutes then assess doneness. You are looking for a soft to the touch feel. After 3 minutes, cook in 1 minute increments until done. The one pictured took 5 minutes total.

Baby Food: Quick Sweet Potato - step 3

Cut and cool. It’s not only too hot for baby, but for you!  Just half it and let it sit for a bit.

Baby Food: Quick Sweet Potato - step 4

The nice thing about sweet potatoes, they are naturally soft when cooked all the way. Simply scoop out.

Baby Food: Quick Sweet Potato - step 5

 Feel free to run it through a processor or simply smash with a fork. Add water/formula/breastmilk to get a consistency right for your baby.

Baby Food: Quick Sweet Potato - step 6

I love this age. They have no idea what’s coming so there are no complaints.

Baby Food: Quick Sweet Potato - step 7

Am I the only Mom who cringes when offering new food? I’m always worried it will be rejected.

Baby Food: Quick Sweet Potato - step 8

Little Bean made a few funny faces at first, but by the 3rd bite he was sold!

Baby Food: Quick Sweet Potato - step 9

Store the leftovers in saved baby food jars or any airtight container.

Baby Food: Quick Sweet Potato - step 10

Here’s little guy after his complete meal of sweet potatoes plus a little Brown Rice Cereal mixed with formula.

Baby Food: Quick Sweet Potato - step 11

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    October 7, 2011

    Just add a little canned tuna, some sweetcorn and grated cheese and you have instant grown-up dinner too! P.S. Your orange-coloured baby is adorable.


    April 15, 2013

    My son is 6 mo old & his first solid food was sweet potatoes I had puréed! He liked them right off the bat! However, everything since then has taken several tries or has had to be mixed with sweet potatoes to convince him to eat it. How old was your little bean in this post, so I can gauge his age in the more recent ones?


    April 15, 2013

    He was 6 months here, he's now 2 and he's still the same way. One day he'll eat something. The next day he won't. SO frustrating! Just keep at it Mommy. :)