A Smile and No Yolks!!


School Lunch Ideas

  • Two Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Green Bell Pepper (went for bigger piece so I can see how much he’s eating)
  • Squish-able Yogurt
  • Pear
  • Water

What Came Home?

School Lunch Ideas

I’m actually 3 days behind on posting but I had to put todays up first.

When he came home I opened the lunch box and was shocked how empty it was. Then I remembered… I gave him eggs.

“Did you eat the yolks?” I said


“Why? I thought you didn’t like them.”

“I knew it would make you happy.”


Side note: Later I noticed that the yogurt wrapper wasn’t in the box. I asked him and he said he threw it away. So either he got smart and threw away the yolks OR he is the sweetest kid in the world. ;)

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  1. LouAnne

    Hey, Roni, just saw something on Pinterest that might be of interest to you and your son regarding hard boiled eggs. I haven’t tried it, but it certainly worth a shot. They suggest you shake up the raw egg before hard boiling it. If you are successful in breaking the yolk, you get a “golden” hard boiled egg! Wouldn’t that be a cool surprise for your son in his lunch box? Let me know what you think. good luck.

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