Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

Or what I like to call Dessert Hummus.

Kim, the same Kim who sent me the banana soft-serve link, has done it again. In my inbox sat this link to Cookie Dough Dip on As soon as I saw it I HAD to try it.

I jumped up from my desk and grabbed all the ingredients in a frenzy…

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip - kitchen

THIS is why my kitchen is constantly a mess! I’m always trying new things and I’m usually doing it in the half hour I have before Little Bean wakes up. Today I was especially messy as I was already in recipe mode working on something for The Laughing Cow.

I made my version of the “cookie dough” immediately and immediately I was in love. It had the smooth texture of hummus with a nutty twist without the chocolate chips…

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip - step 1

Yup.. that’s my finger mark!

With the chocolate chips? I was in love. I seriously had to stop myself by throwing it in the fridge.

The graham crackers as dippers was just simply perfect.

I didn’t make mine too sweet. In a way it didn’t need to be sweet. Yet it was very dessert like and oh my word FILLING. I ate about 1/3 of it and I was STUFFED. If you want it more on the sweet-side simply up the honey.

here’s what I did…

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

  • I can of chickpeas drained and rinsed
  • 1/8 tsp of salt
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 2 tbsp (32g) of Natural Peanut Butter
  • 2 tbsp (42g) Honey
  • 2 tbsp (20g) of whole roasted flaxseeds ground (I buy them whole and grind myself-they last longer)
  • About 1/4 cup of almond milk
  • 3 tbsp mini chocolate chips (42g)

Put the chickpeas, salt, vanilla, peanut butter, honey and flaxseeds in the food processor.

Turn on and drizzle the milk in a little at a time to get things started. I used the whole 1/4 cup.

Once smooth fold in the chips. Reserve some to sprinkle on top.

Serve alongside graham crackers.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip - finished

Approx Nutritional Information per serving
Servings Amt per Serving
6 About 1/4 cup
Calories Fat Fiber WWPs
154 7g 4g old: 3 new:4
Sugar Sat Fat Carbs Protein
10g 2g 22g 4g
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  1. LLori

    I’ve made this and love it too. You should also try Chocolate Covered Katies Brownie Batter Dip. I made the 2 for a bbq I had. Both were a big hit, but the Brownie Batter Dip was everyones favorite (except mine, I loved them both but preferred the cookie dough one).

  2. Dawn

    You had me with the title of this recipe but CHICK PEAS?? Printed the recipe out but not sure if I have the nerve to make them…hmmm! :)

  3. Kim C.

    You mentioned “upping the honey” if a sweeter taste is desired but I don’t see honey listed in the ingredients. Did you leave it out by mistake or did you just mean that honey would be an good way to make it sweeter??

  4. Amy L.

    I just stumbled across Chocolate Covered Katie’s website and was VERY curious about this recipe, but not brave enough to try it. You’ve never steered me wrong before, so maybe I’ll have to give it a try!

  5. Gracie

    It says to make it sweeter we should “up” the honey, but there isn’t any honey or other sweetener listed in your ingredients. Did you really not use anything at all as sweetener other than peanut butter? Just checkin’. :)

  6. Sherry

    I’ve made the raw chocolate chip cookie dough balls III from the Oh She Glows website, and love those. They are dangerous for me to have in the house… here’s another recipe I”ll need to try also :) I’ll have to pick up some graham crackers!

    Can you taste the chick peas? I like most kinds of beans, but not those….

  7. Brandy

    I had seen this before over on Food Doodles as a peanut butter cookie dough dip (link to but was too chicken to try it. All ideas (brownie, choc. chip cookie, pb) sound divine and now that you’ve been the guinea pig, I will have to try it!

  8. roni

    Amy – Can I taste them? I guess so but not really. The peanut butter and flax really transform it more into a creamy nut butter flavor and texture. I just had more today and I was actually thinking celery would be a great dipper too. Like putting PB and raisins on celery sticks. That kind of thing. Not sure if that makes sense.

  9. Andi G

    This looks so YUM! Thanks Roni…and Kim!
    Just curious though about how thick it is for dipping…I’d like to dip fruit if I can. Any fruits it would go with? I’m imagining peanut buttery likeness so apple wedges? Or maybe just a handful of grapes and then a spoonful of dip?!

  10. Liz

    Tried this last night with real maple syrup… awesome! Then I ate it again for breakfast with a banana. The peanut butter works with the beans to cover up the taste, so the more you use, the more nutty it is. Although I used quick oats instead of flax. Might make more this weekend with some cocoa powder. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Cindy

    This was delicious… I used more sweetner than Roni did and you really can’t taste the chick peas at all. The chocolate also helps to mask them. I dipped Nilla Wafers since we had them on hand! Very very good… like many others, I’m glad that Roni was the guinea pig for this one… sometimes I hesitate to try vegan fare because my palette isn’t used to the lack of fats which are normally present in milk, eggs and butter.

  12. Sherry

    Thanks, Cindy! That’s a a great idea to use vanilla wafers.

    I’m still debating about making this. It sounds delicious, but I have a terrible time with portion control with anything that contains chocolate.


  13. Ashley

    @Rachel, i subsituted [dry] steel cut oats for the flax since i didnt have any on hand! It turned out great! Im sure rolled oats would be fine too..

  14. Brandy

    Just made this and OH MY WORD. I was tempted to just grab a spoon and eat the whole bowl, but I had to share with the husband. :)

  15. Sue

    Oh my gosh!! This is wonderful-I thought it was even better the next day!!!! Those that are hesitant – give it a try you will be amazed.
    I am going to try the Guactuna Salad this weekend and I have made the one of the muffin receipes also and was very pleased. Looking forward to trying more of these great ideas!

  16. sheriese

    Hey Roni,
    I have tried dessert recipes with beans before, and I always taste the beans…but I REALLY wanted to like this recipe. Know what “hid” the bean taste this time? I added cinnamon- totally worked! It went from “good, in a beany sort of way” to “super yummy”! Between the honey and cinnamon, I absolutely do not taste beans. My husband tried it and had absolutely no clue that there were beans involved. Sweet!

  17. Lindsey

    I bought dessert hummus once and it was awful so I was a little resistant to make this, but this is sooooo good! I’m thinking I might use it as a PB sub for sandwiches. Its about 1/2 the points of PB. Yummy!

  18. hillary and jamie

    Just tried making this. I think it is lacking taste. And I upped the PB and honey. I think it could be really interesting with banana mixed in. But shouldn’t be marketed as a cookie dough. My advice is skip the chocolate chips and use as a dip on celery. But might as well just make your own hummus instead?

    Going to have to give this recipe a C.

  19. roni

    Sorry you didn’t like it. In my opinion the chips are what make it! Them mixed with the texture of the beans was just perfect and reminiscent of cookie dough for me. Regular hummus doesn’t have that nutty flavor.

    Thanks for trying it adding your opinion!

  20. Kim

    FINALLY tried this – and considering I suggested YOU make it – it certainly took me long enough!

    I loved it! I was hungry after work and resisted snacking and decided to make this – I smeared some on one graham cracker and it was sooooo good! It is nutty, slightly sweet – and then a burst of chocolate but not too much!

    I am excited because after just one graham cracker – I was sweet-satisfied!

    I am excited to have my family try it – and I will definately be bringing it to work tomorrow for a nice afternoon treat.

    :O) Thanks Roni – again…

  21. heather

    I made this today and loved it!! My husband liked it too but only bc I didnt tell him what it actually was:) I did add an extra T of PB and cocoa powder to make it chocolate peanut butter “cookie dough” and was very pleased. I cant stay out of it! Thanks for the great idea!

  22. Carolyn

    I used oats instead of the flaxseed on mine and it seems mine is a tad on the runny side. I’ve added more oats and I’m now getting an oatmeal choc chip cookie dough feel, which is pretty dang awesome! Thanks so much for this, totally diggin’ it!!

  23. Shawna

    Posted my “review” on Facebook then decided to post here as well! My 23 month old twins aren’t real big meat eaters so trying to incorporate more protein can be challenging. Fear no more. Not only did they highjack the colander filled with rinsed garbanzo’s they demanded spoons for shoveling the final product! :) I used Whole Foods sweetened almond milk (closer to half cup), added a splash of olive oil and followed the recipe as is. This is a keeper!!

    Don’t be mental…don’t have an expectation…just try it and appreciate it for what it is! :)

  24. Amandie

    This looks soo good and with the comments about subbing oats for flaxseed has given me a lot of ideas like oatmeal raisin type with the usual spices, snickerdoodles and even using different kinds of nut butters, etc. Thanks so much for sharing

  25. Sydney

    Just made it……tasted COMPLETELY of chickpeas :( it definitely did not resemble the taste of cookie dough at all. I added sweetener also and it didn’t help much. Guess I’ll be sticking with normal cookie dough..

  26. Brianne

    I think this is INCREDIBLE. I’m running a marathon this year and was searching the web for healthy dessert recipes and happened to stumble upon your site. I will make this recipe again and again – I don’t even think you need anything to dip in it – it’s amazing all on it’s own! Thanks for sharing such a delicious idea…looking forward to trying out some of your other recipes!

  27. Tia

    Made it today! I used soy milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and carob chips. It was deeeelish! BUT you can definitely taste a back note of garbanzos so I would suggest adding a bit more sweetner and PB. My children and I at it with granny smith apple :)

  28. Lauren

    OMG, I just made this! I had the chick peas in the pantry for awhile, putting off doing something with them, because I don’t really like them. I realized I had everything except the almond milk and flax seeds, but I saw in the comments that someone subbed oats, which I had. I used 1% milk and a dash of almond extract. I’ll be honest, I used a little more honey, probably 3T, and probably doubled the chips…cause I’m weak like that with the chocolate. :)

    Tried to get the older kid to try it, but it was before i added the chips. I was sure he’d like it. He didn’t. “Eww, that’s disgusting!” I’m going to give him a little on a graham cracker and see what he thinks.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  29. Darlene

    I tried this today (after having it pinned on Pinterest for almost a year) using my experiences with bean brownies, I used white beans instead because they have a less distinct flavor. I also added 1tbs of brown sugar. I just read the cinnamon suggestion and think I will go add it!

  30. Sherry

    Just made this for the hubs. He and I started WW about 10 days ago. LOVE it (and I don’t eat chickpeas or hummus . . . well, I didn’t ’til tonight). Didn’t tell my Picky Patty 12 year old what was in it until she tried it and love it. Thank you! YUMMY!!!

  31. Bagleys

    We added 1more tsp vanilla, 1 more tbsp honey, and one more 1/8 of a cup of almond milk…and it is yummy! Chowing right now with my daughter!

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