It’s a SANDWICH. Seriously?

School Lunch Ideas

  • Laughing Cow and Turkey Pepperoni on a Sandwich thin
  • Snapea Crisps
  • Grapes
  • Yogurt Tube
  • Water

What Came Home?

School Lunch Ideas

I’ve tried PB&J. I’ve tried ham and cheese. Turkey. Cheese and mustard. The kid just does not like a sandwich! I thought MAYBE on a thin bread with his favorite cheese he’d go for it. Nope. Apparently that combination only works on cracker. *eyeroll*

Oh! There is ONE sandwich I can get him to eat: Grilled Cheese. I may try a cold one next week.

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  1. Liz @ life in liz's shoes

    Does he eat wraps? Or maybe a better question is will he?

    One of my favorite lunches to take to work includes a wrap. I take a tortilla, smear laughing cow on it (my fave is the light original swiss or the sun dried tomato), then put a couple pieces of turkey on it and a handful of mixed greens. Just roll it up and cut in half.

    I don’t have a fancy bento box for my lunch (but I would like one!) just a bag, so I just put it in a baggie, but I bet you could almost cut it sushi style and place it in one of the little bins.

    Just an idea! :)

  2. Amy

    I have the same problem with my son, only he won’t eat any sandwich filling at all, on anything! It is very frustrating to send him to school with the same lunch every single day. Chobani honeynana yogurt, banana and a roll. yesterday I replaced the roll with a mini bagel and that came home. SIGH.

  3. leigh bridenbaugh

    I have a non sandwich eater as well. Lately, the lunch of choice has been cubed munster cheese and turkey pepperoni on a skewer with crackers on the side. My son calls it a “Deconstructed Sandwich.” Sometimes, I will throw in what I call a Recee’s Wrap. It is peanut butter and a little bit of nutella rolled up on a ww tortilla. It is a winner every time.

  4. Briana

    Ugh my daughter hates sandwiches too! Even the tried and true PB&J. She will eat grilled cheese and she loves “cheezers” which are cheese quesadillas. I’m loving seeing what you put his lunchbox though. You’re giving me ideas for next year why my little one finally goes to school. And I will definitely be getting that same lunch box. I love it!

  5. Emily Fowler

    Your little guys sounds just like mine at that age. It was only grilled cheese for awhile, then he determined he liked most hot sandwiches (bbq chicken, meatball, etc), so I would send a split roll and put the filling in a thermos, and he would assemble it at lunch (sometimes- or just eat the pieces separately…sigh). Still only eats a cold sandwich under much duress.

  6. Erika Leigh

    my guy hates sandwiches as well… He will eat mini croissants with cheese whiz, (yuck nutritionaly)! and also cold pizza which I can make in a healthy way at home. He will also eat cold chicken nuggets which I can also make healthily at home…Otherwise it is turkey kolbassa on the side of crackers or cheeze whiz on little mini toasts…

  7. Paula

    My lunches very rarely involve a sandwich. It is usually last nights dinner. It can be a bean dish or a rice dish. It doesn’t even bother me that I don’t warm it up. Kids seem to feel the same way about those things too. Maybe it would be best to pack a small leftover of something he does like. Rice & Peas, leftover veggies along with the snacks you give him. Just a thought.

  8. roni

    When we have “pickable” leftovers I do but he also brings home most things that require eating with a fork. lol It’s like a no-win situation!

  9. Lynn

    You make such amazing lunches for Ryan! I don’t know whether you are following Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, but I thought you might be interested in these school lunches offered by districts across the nation and world. Some of these meals are horrific! You will feel so good about your home lunches after you see them!
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  10. Bridget

    My daughter used to take grilled cheese sandwiches all the time to school(with a pack or 2 of take-out ketchup. What about french toast, waffles or pancakes with maple syrup to dip?

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